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The Art of Letting Go

Selling an original work of art (no matter the cost) is a validating moment in any artist’s career. When you sell your first piece, there is a sense of hope that “making it” as an artist is possible.  However, one thing we tend to gloss over is the emotional connection one has to his/her artwork and what it feels like to part ways with an original. Let’s be honest, it can be hard to let go of something that took hours, days, weeks or even months to complete.  Yes, you’re putting money in your pocket, but feeling a sense of attachment is often inevitable. So, is print-on-demand the answer to the unspoken emotions associated with selling original art?

Traditionally, the term “print-on-demand” refers to the printing of books or publications as orders come in, hence, “on demand”.  If you aren’t familiar, in the art space, print-on-demand (POD) is also a service that allows works to be printed in real time, as they are ordered. That means no inventory or stock to keep up with, just a few days of lead time and a museum-quality print of your original work will be packaged and shipped anywhere you’d like.  Fine Art America (FAA) happens to be the largest print-on-demand company in the world, so, that means no more worrying if your original art is in good hands, or wondering if it’s’ been resold in a yard sale…because, at the end of the day, you get to keep it! As the leading print-on-demand website, Fine Art America handles the printing, product assembly, packaging, and shipping, so, that means, for the artist, there is no overhead whatsoever.

That being said, print-on-demand may not be the only answer, but it definitely provides a sturdy middle ground for artists on the fence about parting with originals.  All Fine Art America needs is a high-resolution photograph or scan of your original, and the rest is handled via a highly sophisticated automated print processing system.  The beauty of Fine Art America’s business model is that artists can set their own prices. Yes, you read that correctly…Whatever you set as your markup is exactly how much you will earn on a sale.  Fine Art America sets the base prices for each product and the artist’s markup is added on top of that base price. Let’s say that FAA’s base price for a 24” x 36” canvas print is $50 and that you set your markup to be $25.  A buyer would pay $75 for the canvas print, and you would earn $25. No-brainer, right? This model also provides a great advantage to selling your originals, because you can use your print prices as leverage to sell your original works for even more.

Fine Art America provides a comprehensive accounting system to help you to keep track of what you’ve sold, how much you earned on each sale, and when you’ve been paid.  You get to put the financial part of your business on autopilot and focus on what you enjoy most – creating art! In addition to accounting tools, FAA also has the largest fulfillment network in the world with 14 manufacturing centers located in 5 countries.  Each manufacturing center can ship your print-on-demand products to any destination in the world. When you place or receive an order for one of your products, we automatically route the order to the nearest manufacturing center in order to minimize shipping cost and speed up delivery times.  This completely takes the worries and unknowns of shipping your originals out of the equation and instantly, you are a global artist.

Discount codes, limited time promotions, blogs, event promotion, social media, press releases, and the list goes on…Fine Art America makes it easy to become an art marketing expert.  Keep in mind, these tools can be used to promote your originals, too. So, the effort put into marketing your online listings also boosts the exposure of your originals. In addition to selling your originals as wall art, you also have access to selling other products like throw pillows, fleece blankets, phone cases, apparel, and more!  You can go from being an artist that only sells originals at local art fairs and galleries to selling an entire library of prints, goods, and home decor, to a worldwide audience…right from your computer…And remember the best part, you get to hang on to all of your originals!

So…does the print-on-demand model help with the woes of parting with your original artwork?  We’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings on parting with your originals, so drop us a line below!

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