Lindsay Frost – MLB Collection

A few months ago we interviewed the lovely, Santa Monica, artist Lindsay Frost. We caught up with her again at the Santa Monica Montana Arts Festival in July to see what kind of new projects she has been working on. We found out some very cool and exciting news…. Her baseball cap paintings were recently chosen exclusively by MLB to be displayed at dodgers stadium! This is a great opportunity for Lindsay and a huge step that many artists are looking to achieve. Lindsay started selling her work online at Fine Art America a few years ago which lead to more sales and also more recognition like the Major League Baseball. Watch her second interview with us to learn more about her MLB collection and other projects. Congrats Lindsay!

Lindsay Frost MLB Collection at Dodgers Stadium

Lindsay Frost MLB Collection at Dodgers Stadium


Lindsay holding Dogders Hat Painting

Lindsay’s Website: http://www.lindsayfrost-art.com/