‘Tis the Season for Graduation Gifts

by | May 1, 2019

It is that time of year again, when high school and college students all over the United States celebrate the end of an era–the day they graduate. What better way to celebrate their graduation than the gift of art? Here are some ideas to give graduating high school and college students to prepare them for their next step.

High School Graduation

The first item many high school graduates need is to quickly outfit themselves in the colors of their new college lives. Towards that end, you can always give your graduating student a bath towel emblazoned with different logo designs, as well as state or building designs that set their college apart from the others. A selection of bath towels from colleges and universities can be found here.

If you are worried your new college freshman might get a little homesick in their new dorm, you can always remind them where they came from. State art will let them display their hometown or home state proudly wherever they go. In addition to state word art, there are collections of photographs and art that may remind the student of their favorite places close to their hearts.

If your student is a techie, we have a solid collection of artistic tech items, such as chargers, bags for tech gear, and phone cases, all with their favorite artistic styles. You can find a selection of great tech gear with a focus on art here.

College Graduates

College graduates are either prepping for jobs or grad school, so for the most part, their days of living in dorms are over. Instead, a thoughtful gift might be new art or decor with an art theme for their new apartment. Our home decor section has many different gift suggestions for your recent graduate. You could choose from shower curtains, towels, duvet covers, and throw pillows. Many of the home decor pieces can be grouped together, such as a blue and green restorative theme. Abstract artists use several different varieties of blue and green in their representations of water, which can then be used throughout an apartment in art for the walls, duvet covers or throw pillows. No matter what their tastes are, you can find something for them to use to decorate their house.

In addition, college graduates may want to also upgrade the attachments and upgrades for their tech. You may want to check out the art in tech gear here. The recent graduate can mix and match colors and motifs for a sophisticated look they can carry to the office or out to an interview — and get noticed. 

Whether you are looking for a gift for a very excited high school graduate who can’t wait to start the next phase of their lives, or a college graduate who is moving up the next rung of the ladder, either a graduate school, or a new job in a new city, you will definitely be able to find something they will love no matter where life takes them.


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