I Need My Space

by | Oct 11, 2018

Do you ever feel like you are just too crowded? Like there are so many people and places and things in your way that you would just give anything to be able to have a few minutes of solitude. One of our co-workers, who has three children under the age of 6, was discussing this very thing yesterday. She was talking about how much she wanted to get half an hour of peace and quiet, so she went into the bathroom and was taking a bath with a glass of wine and a good book. Her husband was watching the kids. However, by the end of the bath, there were three little children clamoring for her attention, reading books on the floor by the tub or playing cars. She told us that she burst into tears, because she just needed a few minutes to recharge.

We get it, really. While there are some of us that adore people and really do not like being alone, there are others of us who desperately need our space. Desperately. Peace and quiet is something all of us need a little more of, don’t you think?

With that in mind, allow us to offer you some paintings and photographs that are space-y, in the hope that you will be able to find something that at least allows you to feel like you have some personal space of your own.

Personal Space Paintings

We have many personal space paintings here. Pick a theme or a subject, and we can accommodate you. There are paintings of quiet city streets in the rain. Paintings of waving wheat fields in the sunshine. Lakes and mountains in the background with a single, solitary tree, or an ocean view with a deck chair and nothing else for miles. The beauty of the solitude in the places we have here, should help you maintain your serenity.

Personal Space Photos

There are some amazing solitary photos here as well. Our artists have taken singular photos of sunsets in the mountains, or a solitary buffalo wandering the plains. A hummingbird flies near a lovely flower, and a cardinal sits alone on a branch in the snow. Speaking of snow, there are dozens of photos of snowy rivers, ponds covered with ice, and glaciers that are so cold, they are blue.

If you think you need a different climate to contemplate personal space, have no fear. We have pictures of desert painted rocks with nothing else around. There are also photographs of rainforests, where the only sound you can hear is the rain. Put a photo of the rainforest in your meditation space along with the sound of rain, and you really have a spot where you can relax and take a breath, and a break — if only for a little while.

So, if you need a moment to take a break before someone at work or home drives you absolutely stark-raving mad, why not take a look at our offerings here. There is definitely a piece here to give you some peace and quiet, at least for a little while, and who in their right mind does not need a little bit of that?


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