by | Oct 9, 2018

We have been thinking a lot about scandal lately here at Fine Art America. Sometimes, it seems like scandals are uniquely American, but we are not alone. Scandals take place all over the world, all of the time. Currently, there are several scandals brewing you might not have even heard about. For example, a former Nobel Prize Winner from Myanmar is embroiled in a scandal over the country’s treatment of a minority Muslim population and the Nobel Peace Prize Winner’s refusal to get involved in their plight. In addition, there is a brewing scandal in Zimbabwe after their recent elections resulted in calls of impropriety and voter fraud, which the government responded to by forcefully breaking up protestors and jailing dissidents.

All of that being said, the scandal has been on our minds lately, so we figured we would have a look at how our artists have looked at scandal. Turns out, they have a wide range of views on scandal and scandalous activities. Have a look at what our artists have come up with, and you may decide to take a scandalous piece of art home with you.

Scandalous Paintings

We have many scandalous paintings and illustrations for you, which cover nearly every type of scandal you can image. Whether it is illicit liaisons back in the 18th century (and frankly, we’re not sure who could liaise anything with all the layers of wigs and clothing, but we digress) or portraits of not so past scandals (Nixon, anyone — his name seems to be popping up a lot these days) we have everything you are looking for. There are political cartoons of current scandals as well –the elephants and the donkeys riding the train together is one of our particular favorites. Artists have also chosen to do scandals in the abstract, which allows you to look at the painting and draw your own conclusions. Whichever scandal you happen to like the best, we probably have a painting to capture your mood or the essence of the scandal.

Scandalous Photos

Our photography artists have also done several different photos with different realities of scandal. Many of the photos we found here are interesting takes on scandal. For example, there is a picture of a clown in jail after a party. There is also a photo of a mobster shooting in front of him. There are zombies rolling in money. There are also symbolic photographs of scandalous symbols, such as money and locks, as well as puzzle pieces, handcuffs and typeset words. All of these scandalous photos represent an interesting take on the scandal by our photographers.

So, if you are interested in scandal, we have offerings for you here. Whether you are the one who can’t put a scandalous article down, stop watching the latest scandal on the news, or you want to make fun of someone who is addicted to scandal, we can accommodate you in your scandalous pursuits. We promise we will let you look at our scandalous stuff, and your secret is safe with us. We promise. Nod, nod… wink, wink.


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