Wood You Knot?

by | Oct 8, 2018

Here at Fine Art America, we have noticed that people’s tastes change over time, and that recently, lots of people are just crazy about buying photographs and paintings on wood rather than paper. While paper is a beautiful medium for art – do not get us wrong – some people have stated they think paper makes a picture flat and emotionless. We get their feelings, although in our humble opinion, art is beautiful no matter what backing is used to paint it.

That being said, we offer a wide variety of art on a wood background. Many of our clients feel that the wood makes the picture or photograph jump off the page. In household decorating, many people hang their wood paintings without a frame, which they think gives the art a clean look that they like in their homes, as opposed to the frame you are constantly dusting all the time. As we loathe dusting with a passion not often seen, we understand. For all of those reasons, perhaps you should have a look at our photographs and paintings on wood.

Wood Paintings

Many of our paintings become different pieces when housed in wood. For example, paintings of fruit just seem naturally suited for your kitchen or great room. We found some lovely pictures of peaches and figs, of lovely ripe apples, and a bowl of mixed fruit that would be at home anywhere, ready to beautify any space.

In addition to our collection of fruit, many of our abstract pieces look amazing on wood as well, such as renderings of a city, or of a female figure lying on a bed. We also love the look of single animals painted or printed on wood, because we think that the wood allows the animal’s essence to be captured beautifully.

Wood Photographs

There is no better place for photographs than wood, according to some of our clients. Some of the landscape photography lends itself beautifully to wood, such as the beautiful seascape sunsets some of our artists have done. They are breathtaking to look at, and the wood without frame look just makes them look all the more realistic. Single subjects with wood appear to benefit from the look as well, such as a single Ferris wheel, or a single road that leads straight on to the mountains beyond. We also like the wood photographs for grand sweeping landscapes which appear larger than life and are best suited to be placed in your house as larger than life objects for you to enjoy and marvel at while you are sitting in the kitchen having breakfast, or whether you are sitting in your living room reading that book you have been trying to read for months without success. Wood photographs are at home anywhere.

Take a minute today to look at our beautiful wood offerings. There are thousands of them to choose from on our site, each and every day. We bet you find something you truly adore and cannot wait to get home for your walls, because frankly, why wouldn’t you?


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