Too Much Time on Our Hands

by | Oct 7, 2018

There is this thing about time that keeps running through our heads, probably with the Styx song in the background. Time is an interesting thing. Either you have too much time, and it is driving you nuts, or there is not enough time, and you feel frantic and overcommitted – we have to admit, when some of us are in the carpool line for the fifth day in a row, dropping the kids off at school, knowing we are going to have to turn around in a few hours and pick them up before dropping them off at one of their 3000 activities – this is us.

If you either have too much time on your hands, or not enough time – well, ever – we have some art for you that illustrates perfectly this notion of time. If you have a moment to waste, why not have a browse through some of our collections of time art? We bet you find something here to like, whether it is the sheer beauty of clocks, or the notion of timelessness – we have something worth wasting a little time for.

Clock Time

There are pieces of clock time frozen in memory. For example, for one of us it is 8:43 p.m., which is the time the most beautiful baby girl in the world was born. For another of us, it is 5:43 in the morning, which is the first time she rolled over in our bed and told us she loved us. One of us loves midnight, because it is the beginning of a new day, which means you get to start over.

Whatever part of the day (or night) you are fascinated with, we have the art for it here. There are thousands of clock art pieces to choose from, whether it is one clock alone, or many clocks with a distorted sense of time, there is something here you will love.

Time Out

We have to admit, we love this expression. Not just because we punished our kids with it (and gave ourselves a small break, if we are really honest) but because time outs also allow us to take a breath and take a beat out of an extremely busy day to just breathe. If you are looking for some art that speaks to you as a time out, we have some lovely pieces here for you to look at that will help to remind you that everyone needs a time out from time to time, if for no other reason than to preserve our collective sanity. There are some lovely paintings here of a cafe with strawberries and cream. There are moms and dads and children cuddling here too, a different representation of time out. People are lounging in the park on blankets, or by the ocean. These paintings and photographs are worthy of the words “time out”.

So, if you are needing a new piece of art for your walls that says you have all the time in the world, or art that says you need more time, or perhaps a piece that says time is beautiful — take some time to check out our artwork here.


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