Don’t Be Moody

by | Oct 6, 2018

We all get moody from time to time. It is only natural. After all, moodiness is part of human nature. We are willing to admit that we are moody from time to time. For example, we just yelled at Bob last week, because he ate the last piece of birthday cake from Antonio’s birthday that Antonio promised to save for us. We had been looking forward to that piece of cake all stinkin’ day. Of course, we had to apologize, and we did not get any cake either, which should be a national tragedy. We found a contest for our friends to enter that is all about mood.

The Splash 21 Contest

This years’ Splash 21 Contest is all about mood. In art, mood is represented as the atmosphere of the painting or the state of mind of the artist. The contest is requiring that artists capture the mood of their subject with originality and through excellence in work. While other contests display the winners who have mastered the essence of mood, contestants must be able to reflect a mood in an original way to win the contest, which means that the artist will have to write about the inspiration for the work, as well as the way you incorporated mood into your painting.

While watercolor must be the primary medium, you are allowed to use other mediums to illustrate mood.


Like any contest, there are always rules. You have to be able to enter your work online, as a digital file. You can submit more than one entry at a time. You must be ready to provide an essay if your piece is selected for additional judging. The competition can be entered into by artists across the nation or around the world, but it must be an original work.

The early bird deadline is December 3 and the last possible date you can apply is December 31. First entries into the contest are $35, and each additional entry is $30. If you wait to apply until the last minute, the cost per entry increases by $10 per entry.

All of the entries will first be prejudged by a juried panel of watercolor artists. If the entry is chosen as a finalist, the entrant will be asked for a written piece on their watercolor mood artwork, how they chose to convey mood, and how they got their inspiration for the piece. For this part of the contest, the written entry will be judged by a team from Northern Light publishing, which makes it one of the only contests we know that involve a creative art piece and a written piece.

All winners will appear in the 21st edition of Splash, which means that more people will see your art.

So, if you are in the mood to paint some moody art, be our guest. If you want to look at watercolor art with mood as a subject, why not check out some of our watercolor art here. We bet you find something here to demonstrate one of your moods to people you love – or people you want to love.


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