The Maps of Michael Tompsett

by | Oct 5, 2018

When we were kids, we loved road trips. We would sit in the back of our parent’s faux-paneled station wagon (without seatbelts) or minivan (without DVDs) and travel around the country. Some of the most fascinating entertainment for us – remember these were the days before smartphones and tablets – was looking through our parents’ or grandparents’ collection of maps. We would dream about the places we could go, and how we could get there — what roads would we take? What could we see on the journey there?

While this form of travel is not exactly the way most of us travel anymore, we are still in love with maps, because when you have a map, you have possibilities. Perhaps that is why we love the work of Michael Tompsett, because he has made maps into art. Have a look at some of his work, and see if you do not happen to agree with us.

About the Artist

Michael Tompsett, who was born in London, loves to travel. He spent 12 years traveling and designing for Conde Nast publications. He has said that when he was in school, the only class he truly enjoyed every single day was art class – and who could blame him really? After spending the first part of his life in London, the artist moved to Spain, and spends his days painting and creating art along the Spanish coast.

Michael began his art career designing art that was interesting to him or that his friends wanted him to make. His career really began through word of mouth. It turns out many people love to travel and explore maps, and they love Michael’s work.


While Michael has other works of art he has done, we were fascinated with the mapwork. Michael has artistic maps for many large cities that allow you to view a city – even a city you are familiar with – in a new and different way. One of our favorite city maps that Michael has done is the map of New Orleans. We love this map (because who is not already in love with New Orleans) because it allows us to fully view the river that has completely shaped the city and its way of life. We also love the map of Dublin, done in shades of blue and green for the land and the water that is Ireland. Some of the maps are in black and white, and almost serve as bas relief for the cities they represent, starkly drawn lines of streets and neighborhoods.

In addition to the city street maps, Michael has also designed interesting pieces that feature cities in the shape of country maps, maps of rail lines, and watercolor maps of countries and continents, which represent the countries or continents in rainbow hues.

Why not stop by and visit Michael’s work? It is sure to bring back memories of lovely trips with your family, or perhaps the first time you and a friend struck out on your own to see the world. Whatever the case is, we bet you find something you have to put on your walls.


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