There Have to Be Limitations… Right?

by | Oct 3, 2018

Here at Fine Art America, we are not big believers in limitations. In fact, it is safe to say we loathe limitations in any form, because… well… we are artists or art lovers. If all of our favorite artists had to deal with limitations, there probably would not have been many of our favorite art pieces, because art, by its very nature is avant-garde and envelope pushing. If artists are not breaking a rule from time to time, well, they are not promoting and creating art.

That being said, our curated art pieces cover the gamut of motifs and subjects from all over the world in paint, computer, and photograph. However, like a beautiful rainbow, or an amazing first date, some of our art pieces have a time limit. We know that some of our customers want plenty of time to hang out and browse – and believe me, we encourage that – somehow our art pieces become more exciting with an expiration date on them, so that you have to make a snap decision whether to buy – or not to buy. That is the question.

Limited Time Paintings

There are thousands of paintings available for a limited time only. They feature many different themes and motifs. We spotted a tree blazing next to a sunset. There was also a picture of the lovely back of a woman in a sheet, and the curves of a blue ocean seashell. Couples were dancing by a lake filled with light. Pictures of trees with fall colors swirling above our heads are here as well. One of the advantages of time limited paintings is that you will not find it on the sales rack at your favorite discount store – we kid. But there is no joke about the limited edition nature of our limited time paintings, because once they are gone, they are not coming back.

Limited Time Photography

Our photographers have told us that their photographs need to be rotated out from time to time, because it is difficult to sell a painting of the beauty of spring as the country is headed into fall — and let’s face it, fall is so exceptional that it cannot last forever. There are also photographs of landmarks that are so breathtaking, such as a sunrise over a beautiful mesa that you cannot expect it not to be snapped up by someone who just needs that one painting to make their room. There are also pictures that are striking in their contrasts, such as the hundreds-year-old live oak in Georgia that has a resurrection fern on its branches. You ever heard of resurrection fern? It only turns green with rain – otherwise it looks brown and dead. Just like the resurrection fern, the photographs here have an expiration date.

So, while you may not be a fan of expiration dates, because you always manage to let your milk go bad before you can drink it all, we are fans of expiration dates, because they help you decide what you really want, and be sure that the beautiful piece you have selected is the perfect piece to fit your house. Do not be shy, come on by and pick out one of our limited edition works here.


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