Stairways to Heaven

by | Oct 2, 2018

So, there are a lot of stairways in New York City, and we believe over the years we have climbed them all. So it stands to reason that we like stairs, or we wouldn’t still be living here. A lot of people like stairs, because stairs represent climbing upwards, and finding new things to explore, so what could possibly be bad about that? Nothing in our book. Stairs are always looking up.

Here at Fine Art America, we are always on the lookout for great stair motifs, because for some reason, they make people happy. Either they like the stairs going up, or they love them coming down – maybe because they spell an end to the work day.

Whatever the reason is that you like stairs, we have a lovely selection for you to choose from here. Rather than talk about paintings and photographs, instead, let’s talk about man-made versus natural stairs. Intriguing, no?

Man Made Stairs

Artists and photographers have represented stairs in many different ways. We’ve noticed that in the old days, staircases had little areas, cozy little spots at the bottom of the stairs where artists could tuck away and create. These areas around staircases also made it into fiction – Harry Potter’s first home come to mind? He lived under the stairs, the poor thing.

Today’s staircase photography and paintings are much different than the cozy nook idea artists have painted in the past. Many artists’ portrayals have happened in the light, with the sun streaming onto the staircases, which have a mesmerizing effect, especially the spiral staircases. We could look at a spiral staircase all day and ever get tired of it. There are also staircases painted in dappled light, so that it alternates between bright light and shadowed light.

Stairs in Nature

Did you know there are staircases in nature? There are. All over the western United States, slot canyons provide some amazing pictures of staircase features, in gold, orange and red tones. Slot canyons are so interesting because they look nondescript from the top, and yet so amazingly beautiful from the bottom. There are other stairs out there in nature as well, from the Abruzzi step on the indomitable K2 to natural steps in the West, the Ozarks and the Appalachians, which are all easier to climb than K2 is, we’re sure.

Whether you are a nut for a spiral staircase, the artist’s renderings of the shadowy, hidden, secretive staircases, or the natural staircases found all over our great country, why not take a minute and browse through our staircases here? We are willing to bet there’s a staircase here that you can’t live without, and frankly, why would you want to? If you have an office, why not put a staircase in there, either because you know you are ascending to something greater, or because you love the thought of encouraging others to climb higher with you. After all, isn’t that what we are all doing here? Ascending to something greater? Here at Fine Art America, we don’t want to stand in your way of accomplishing ascension.


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