Instagram Art for Your Walls

by | Oct 1, 2018

At Fine Art America, we’re all about the latest and greatest in wall art for your home. In fact, we love our offerings of rather unconventional wall art options, including things like metal and wood prints. With that in mind, we spend a lot of our time following inspirational artists from all over the world on Instagram. From brightly colored abstract works to graffiti art, chances are good we follow at least one artist that offers what you’re looking for. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites for the month of May!

Kenny Scharf

One of our favorite artists on Instagram this month is Kenny Scharf. Scharf is a professional artist who has been active in the fields of performance, sculpture, and painting for the past 30 years. His Instagram feed is a colorful one, full of bright colors and abstract art. His personal work tends to favor interesting and bold color combinations that fit together in interesting and vibrant ways. This includes abstract art as well as art that is less abstract than it is complex.


Another amazing artist on Instagram is the duo of Osgemeos. This pair have been working together since they were children in Brazil. They began with street art and graffiti and moved on to expand their expertise to include all manner of visual mediums. Their work can be found in galleries and museums around the world, from Cuba to Japan, and features wonderfully colorfully and complex abstract art pieces in addition more traditional graffiti art. The work posted on their Instagram account is much the same. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking for that inspirational pop of color to help brighten up their summer days.

Ryan McGinness

Ryan McGinness, mcginnessworks on Instagram, is an American artist currently working and living out of New York City. His work is both fantastical and practical in nature, with his talent encompassing a wide array of mediums and styles. Accordingly, his Instagram feed is overrun with beautiful, bold color and lush curves. He also makes interesting use of white space and small concentrations of intense hues and intricate patterns. If you’re looking for an artist that revels in color and pattern alike, Ryan McGinness is a great option. His Instagram is particularly fantastic for the summertime, with the bold color complementing the warm weather, bright sun, and dreamy moods of the season perfectly.

If you’re looking for the best artists on Instagram, we hope our recommendations point you in the right direction. We hope to bring you more recommendations in the future, perhaps with artists whose aesthetic works with specific themes or times of the year. For more amazing artwork that you can use to liven up your household and give your home décor a punch of color, visit our main website! Take a look at our collections, too, as we’re certain we have something to please everyone.

Don’t forget that we can even help you make your own art into wall art for your home!


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