North to Alaska

by | Sep 29, 2018

There is something about Alaska that brings up memories of the frontier, wild men and women who have more freedom than we have ever dreamed of, and a limitless boundary of wild natural beauty. This enticing thought becomes even more important in the hot summer months of the lower 48, when you may look to Alaska like a cold beverage. Here at Fine Art America, we have marvelous photographs and art prints for you to choose from — everything from moose standing in wildflowers to puffins on rocks and magnificent landscapes.

Alaskan Animals

Alaskan animals figure prominently in the work of artists who are painting in the state, or who have visited the state. Marion Rose has many different paintings of Alaskan animals, such as a bull moose, a cow moose and a baby moose wandering through Alaskan fields and disappearing through the birch trees deeper into the forest. In addition to moose, the artist has also painted elk, pheasant, and bears. All of the animals in Marion Rose’s pieces are painted in what seems to the viewer as partial camouflage against trees or another backdrop.

Paul Krapf also paints Alaskan animals, mostly elk and moose, against the backdrop of the largest mountain in the Northern Hemisphere–Denali. As opposed to Rose’s pictures of animals, which represent a more colorful view, Kraft’s paintings are very realistic. In addition to paintings, several artists have also been moved to photograph animals in Alaska. Chat Dutson has taken several wonderful photographs of bears in Alaska, including one of a bear cub emerging from the water, called “Cubby”. He has also taken pictures of a mother bear and her cubs, which makes you feel as if you are viewing them yourself from the wilderness.

Alaskan Landscapes

In addition to the paintings and photographs of animals in Alaska, you can find picture-perfect paintings of Alaskan landscapes here. It makes sense that artists would be drawn to Alaska, as it boasts some of the most magnificent scenery on Earth. While many people think Denali is the only thing worth painting in Alaska, and it is spectacular, other artists have chosen to paint other mountain peaks in Alaska, or the trees in the fall, or the flowers that appear for a short amount of time in the Alaskan summer and then are quickly gone again. The artists pictured have also done paintings of the Northern Lights, as well as cities and towns in the area that offer local Alaskan flavor not found anywhere else in the United States. Alaskan tribal art, both in paintings and photographs, is also available for those individuals who want something extraordinary for their home not found anywhere else.

If you have visited Alaska, and want a photograph or a painting to remember how wonderful your trip was, or perhaps you are just wishing to visit anywhere that is below 80 degrees in the height of summer, look no further than here. You are bound to find a piece or pieces that you can use to bring the Alaskan chill into your home for the duration of the summer, and beyond.


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