Give Me Coffee, or Give Me Death

by | Sep 27, 2018

Coffee was originally (as the story goes) used in Ethiopia, where the plant grew naturally. While some tribes may have been chewed for hundreds of years, the liquid coffee drink has been used and brewed from the 4th century A.D. The legend goes that a Sufi mystic was exhausted from his journeys around the area of Ethiopia, and grew wearier. He noticed that when local people began to chew leaves and beans from a plant, they seemed to have more energy and were able to complete their tasks more quickly and without as much fatigue. The mystic tried to chew the leaves, but found them too bitter. It was when he boiled the beans, and drank the brown liquid that he became revived, and was able to continue his journey — thus the addiction to coffee was born.

Although you can drink coffee out of anything — and people have — why not choose to drink the best drink in the world out of something fashionable, that makes a statement about you? Here, not only do we have thousands of stylish coffee cups for every kind of coffee drinker, but we have special coffee cups that feature… well…. coffee.

Coffee Cups Featuring Coffee Themes

We have dozens of coffee cups featuring coffee themes. Many of the coffee mugs or cups feature pictures or paintings of coffee cups of all kinds. Some of the cups have hearts on them, other cups feature stack after stack of coffee mugs, and some feature the tops of the coffee cups themselves, filled to the brim with coffee. Coffee cups are also printed featuring coffee and biscuits, coffee with muffins and coffee with other breakfast items. Coffee mugs have coffee beans on them as well. Perhaps the funniest coffee mug themes around coffee itself have a funny saying about coffee and how important it is to many people’s daily lives. A read of the coffee mug sayings reveals that many people just can’t survive and function without coffee.

Coffee Cups Featuring Other Themes

There are also millions of cups that have many other designs to express your personality if you want to display something besides coffee on your mug. There are architectural designs of cities and monuments, and there are also coffee mugs that display single designs, such as a plane or a computer. If you are a sports fanatic, many designs are available that display college teams and mascots or professional football teams. Baseball and soccer-themed mugs are also available.

Your tastes may be inclined to something else, such as the natural wonder of the national parks, or the splendor of the mountains you visited a few years ago. Maybe a seascape is something you want to display. Many mugs offer national parks and seascapes, as well as animals you might have seen on your travels: moose, bears, elk, even a bald eagle. There are artsy coffee mugs and funny coffee mugs–all with the ability to give others a hint of your personality — either before coffee or after coffee.


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