Dinosaurs…. Everywhere!!

by | Sep 26, 2018

Picture this in your mind. You are walking along a jungle path. It is peaceful and quiet except for the chirping of the birds, and the occasional roar of the jaguar. All at once as you are walking, all of the noise stops. You don’t notice it for a minute, because you are too busy enjoying your walk. But suddenly, you realize you can’t hear any animals at all. Only then do you begin to hear the earthquake-sounding footfalls of a really large, really scary, really hungry predator — and you realize you are doomed.

We’re not sure if you noticed, but there’s a dinosaur movie out today. While many people say they should just get rid of the franchise all together, the movies continue to be very popular. Here at Fine Art America, we don’t want to stand in the way of what the people want. So for your perusal, we offer many dinosaur-themed pieces of art you are sure to love, either for yourself or for someone who is just as dinosaur crazy as you are.

Whimsical Dinosaurs

Of course, not everyone wants their dinosaurs to be scary, especially if you have a tiny human in your house who loves dinosaurs, but doesn’t necessarily want them to be standing over an animal eating it. No worries. Here you can find lots of funny or whimsical dinosaurs for you to decorate a room with. There are cute and cuddly dinosaurs available, with chubby cheeks and smiling eyes. Animal colleges of different types of dinosaurs can be found here as well. Dinosaur art block prints could be used to decorate a room also. There are thousands of designs for any non-gory kid to delight in.

Dinosaurs for children’s rooms can be especially wonderful for your child if they are showing a scientific curiosity for the prehistoric world, as it may be an entry into other lines of scientific inquiry. When paired with rocks, fossils or other dinosaur paraphernalia, dinosaur paintings can be a wonderful, non-scary way for your child to show off his or her hobby.

Scary Dinosaurs

Of course, if you want the bloody, scary dinosaurs, we have those, too. Artists have done several paintings of dinosaurs running amok in cities and countrysides. Dinosaurs can be found in battle with other dinosaurs, as well as people. There are dinosaurs leering out from the pictures, and dinosaurs running into danger with humans not far behind. Dinosaurs in futuristic times and places are also available. Artists have managed to create scenes of dinosaurs that would make a great, scary addition to a bedroom, or an office – if you enjoy scaring your co-workers – or sending them a message, perhaps.

Whatever your plans for a room full of dinosaurs, whether they will be at home guarding your child against nightmares, or standing over a door by his or her room to scare the crap out of their friends, in your office to make your workspace more enjoyable or maybe even as an accent in a child’s bathroom, we have lots of fun ways to display a love for dinosaurs – no matter what your age.


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