The Art of Water

by | Sep 25, 2018

Water is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. It can move mountains and cause them to crack and slide down to the ground. It can create canyons of brilliant color just by moving through rock. It shapes cities and forms borders between states and countries. Without water, humans can’t survive.

Artists have seen water as a powerful force for millennia. They have used it in sculpture, photography, paintings, and other visual media forms for as long as there has been art. In homes, water art can be used to create a sense of calm and a sense of the natural. Water art can also be used as a symbol of power, specifically the power within nature, and the powerlessness of humans to stop that power.

Water Paintings

No matter what kind of symbolism you are trying to convey in your home through a water motif, there are representations for you to look at through Fine Art America. Many famous artists, such as Claude Monet, were fascinated with water, and painted it often. His paintings, such as “Sunset on the Seine at Vetheuil” and “The Cliff, Etretat, Sunset”, both offered by Bridgeman Images, evoke water as a calming and peaceful force of nature.

Other artists have chosen to paint water as a blurring between fantasy and reality, as images of possibility. Mia Tavonatti paints many pictures of women, water, and the blurring of reality and fantasy that water gives to humanity when people are immersed in it. Water can be seen as redemption and as a sustainer of life in her work.

Water Photography

Artists have also chosen to capture water in photography. Parker Cunningham, who has photographed images of water as reflected at sunrise or sunset in many areas of the South, demonstrates both the peacefulness and serenity of calm waters, as well as the power of water unleashed. His images also evoke a sense of uniqueness of each passing of the day as reflected in the water scenes.

Inge Johnsson also photographs water, but his work reflects the power of water over time, and the inevitable shaping of the landscape by water, such as his photography of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, which was shaped entirely by the Colorado River over thousands of years. Johnsson’s works reveal the movement of water over rock, the impressions it leaves on the rocks in Arizona, and what was revealed layer by layer in the rock.

You may decide that you want images of water in your home that evoke serenity, so that when you come home after a hard day of slogging through the trenches at work, you can look at paintings or photographs of water and feel peace. You may want to use artworks depicting water as a motif for timelessness and the ability of water to wear away stone. Or you may want to choose to display the power and constant presence of water in the daily lives of humans. Whatever you want your water art to say, we have a way for you to say it.


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