You Can Fly

by | Sep 21, 2018

Birds have always fascinated us. Maybe it’s because we have always wanted to fly without the help of a machine to do it. Or perhaps we just really like the way they dress — the beautiful colors in jewel tones are fascinating. We also secretly want to sing like a bird, because let’s face it, some of us can’t sing at all. If we are being totally honest, we are just a little jealous of birds, because they get to fly and look beautiful every day… and we are also the first to admit, there are days we just don’t.

If we feel this way about birds, we figure that you might feel this way about birds as well. Have a look at our collection of birds represented in art and photography, and we think you’ll find something beautiful to take home.

Paintings of Birds

Birds seem to leap out of the paintings done by our artists here. Our artists have captured birds in all sorts of colors and positions. Artists have painted portraits of birds as artists of old painted portraits of royalty, which an emphasis on their intelligence and their individual features. Birds are represented abstractly, hanging out in trees in different colors, waiting on the morning sun, or captured in flight. There are also paintings of birds with other animals, as well as birds of different species flocking together. Specific birds are pictured as well in pieces done by the artists, such as hummingbirds, bluebirds (which represent happiness and hope), peacocks, robins, flamingos, doves (for peace), pelicans, blue jays, cardinals, bald eagles and ravens. We’re sure you’ll find something you would love to hang in your home.

Bird Photographs

If you prefer birds featured in wildlife photography rather than painted, we have thousands of artists who have captured birds in as many different ways and positions as possible. Want a photograph of a bird looking straight at you? We have those.  Want a picture that captures a hummingbird in flight or hovering by a flower? We have those too. There are birds sitting together on a tree, exotically colored. Birds in flight and birds in their natural habitat are also featured here. We have birds of every color from white snowy owls flying over a snow-covered field to black ravens on a wire. There are also many pictures of birds surrounded by amazing scenery, such as the calming green of forests, or the starkness of the desert landscape contrasted with the birds who live there. If you enjoy the photographic realism of wild animals in a natural setting, or you love viewing the whimsicalness of wild animals, we have photographs for you to enjoy in your home.

You may love birds just for their… birdiness. Or you may feel that viewing birds in paintings or photos makes you happy or peaceful first thing in the morning. Whatever your reasons for acquiring bird art, we know that you will find something from our collection to fly into your home and perch on your walls (see what we did there?).


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