Artist Profile: Derek Kaplan

by | Sep 20, 2018

Here at Fine Art America, we know that people who immigrate to this country give us some of the most wonderful flavors and textures of art found on our site, because the place they were raised differs from our own. When you find a piece of art done by an artist from another country, it opens up a new way to experience the world.


Derek Kaplan did not grow up in America. He was born in 1975 and raised in Zimbabwe during the civil war in the country between Whites from the United Kingdom who wanted to keep hold of the country, and Blacks who wanted to declare independence.

When he was growing up in Southern Africa, Derek was inspired by the color and beauty of the land he was born in. Some of his earliest paintings were of thunderstorms and cloud formations, because the sudden coming of storms after a dry period was fascinating to him. Although he is self taught, Derek began painting at an early age. Buoyed by the praise and encouragement of his teachers as well as others who had seen him paint, Derek decided to try painting full time, as none of his previous jobs had given him the satisfaction that painting did. He began selling paintings through word of mouth to friends, and gradually moved on to having his first solo show. All of the works on exhibit during the show sold out immediately, an occurrence that was repeated at other shows in New York.


Derek’s art focuses on abstract paintings that he creates on impulse, reveling in his freedom to create. His abstract art has covered many themes, including the beauty of nature at the beginning and end of the day, storms and lightning, human emotion, and man’s interaction with the natural world. Because he feels that he paints with such passion, he wants the patrons and viewers of his art to buy art that triggers human emotion and response immediately upon viewing it. He has stated that his art is not found merely on the surface of the painting, but in the many different layers he constructs within the painting itself — almost as a reflection of the different layers of humanity and the natural world.

Derek’s art is available here. He offers original art for sale, as well as art prints. Some of Derek’s works have a theme, which would allow you to group several of his prints together for maximum impact within a room. For example, his “Aladdin Series” has several paintings in it that lend themselves to a grouping. Other paintings that could be grouped might include the paintings on human emotions, such as passion and devotion, or paintings of storms.

If you love abstract art, with its multiple layers, the interplay between light and darkness, and its ability to evoke an emotional response before you ever see the title of the work, you may find Derek Kaplan’s work thought-provoking and sensual. Why not have a look?


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