Go West, Young Man (or Young Woman)

by | Sep 18, 2018

We are not saying who, but some of our fathers are movie lovers, with an emphasis on Westerns. Some of our dad are into The Duke, and walk around saying things like, “Come on over here, Pilgrim, and have something to eat.” We also have the Clint Eastwood loving fathers who said things when we messed up like, “Go ahead. Make my day.” Whether it happens to be you or your dad, we are betting at least one of you has a hankering to ride the range on a horse and see the great spaces and sites of the American West. Why wait? At Fine Art America, we can bring the West to your home — or to your dad’s home.

Flora and Fauna

If you want something for your home that speaks of the beautiful array of plants and animals, we have many different types and styles for you to look at here. There are paintings and photographs of single succulents, as well as long views of hills filled with cacti, yucca, and aloe plants cast against the red earth and the stark blue sky.

Although the high desert usually seen in movies appears barren, in reality, they are filled with life. You can find animal pictures here as well. There are many pictures of buffalo (or bison, whichever you prefer), wolves, and beautiful desert birds. You may even find a snake or two.

There are also many pictures and photographs of the beauty and grandeur of the desert area. We have collections of the desert in California and the Red Rock Desert here.


Many of us are utterly fascinated by men and women who work with cattle, especially Longhorn cattle. We cannot imagine trying to get a group of animals in line to take them anywhere. We have many pictures and photographs of cowboys at work, riding and roping those ornery steer to get them on the right path. You can find art depicting cowboys and their work here. 

Of course, although cowboys and their Native American counterparts are nearly always depicted together in the movies, Native Americans must be considered separately. These aboriginal people have been photographed in all of their beauty and dignity here. In addition, some of the artifacts and crafts from Native Americans are displayed in photos and paintings as well. These photographs and paints add authenticity to what is normally thought of as a historical period only.

If you are thinking about redoing a room, or adding a bit of color or style, something out of the ordinary, why not try a selection from the Southwestern Group? Our photographs and paintings are sure to transport you to some of the most beautiful areas of the Southwest, which allows you to lie back and think how much natural beauty and wonder we are able to view in our neighboring Western states, and how each corner of our amazing country has its own beauty and design. Truly artistic–like it was made to be painted or photographed.


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