Martini, Not Shaken or Stirred

by | Sep 16, 2018

When you think of a classy drink, one that you see in photos in bars or restaurants where the beautiful or famous people are sitting around smoking long filtered cigarettes and laughing at something that someone said? Or perhaps your taste in sophistication runs to James Bond, with his famous line, “Martini: shaken, not stirred”, with an image of Mr. Bond in a tuxedo, usually in a casino, with a beautiful woman on his arm? When we think of martinis, some of us call up these images of celebrity or art in our mind. But for others of us, martinis are just a great-tasting drink that goes down smoothly.

If you are a martini fan like we are, why not have a look at some of our martini art that we have featured here? Whether you are a fan of paintings or photographs, martinis look beautiful as art, and could be featured in your living room, kitchen, great room, or bar. Either resplendent as a single painting, or as a grouping of a series of photographs of martinis behind your bar, these pieces of art would provide a sense of relaxation and sophistication into your home.

Martini Paintings

Our martini paintings are nothing short of amazing. Some of the paintings featured are vintage-looking paintings of martinis, as well as people drinking martinis in costumes that are reminiscent of the 19th century. Debbie DeWitt has painted several different images of martinis that look remarkably like photographs. She has done paintings of chocolate martinis, a lemon drop martini, an apple martini, a cosmo martini, as well as recipes for a vanilla martini and an espresso martini. She also has a grouping of several drinks including martinis. Her work lends itself to grouping of several paintings or as a single solo painting as well. Martini paintings are also displayed using abstract methods as well as realistic methods.

Martini Photographs

In addition to paintings, we also have thousands of paintings of martinis as well in our gallery. There are photographs of different kinds of martinis, as well as photos of martinis in conjunction or juxtaposed with other objects, such as a woman’s body, fruits and water or rain. The drinks have also been displayed with people drinking the as well. The photographs of martinis can be filmed in classic black and white or in vivid colors, such a pink or red. Martinis have also been photographed in natural settings such as mountains, a lake, or the ocean, as well as a sunrise or a sunset.

Whether you are an avid martini drinker, who can’t begin an evening without a sampling of your favorite martini in your hand, or you are looking for a gift for friend or family member who loved martinis, we are sure to have an art print or a photograph of a martini your friend of family member will adore as much as their favorite drink — well, perhaps almost as much as their favorite drink.


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