Life Is A Pattern

by | Sep 15, 2018

Have you ever noticed that life is a series of patterns? We have noticed here at Fine Art America that our lives tend to revolve around patterns. For example, we have discovered that weddings come in stages: we attended lots of weddings in our 20s, and got to be bridesmaids or groomsmen; then things kind of leveled off for a bit when all of us were having children. However, some of us are now in our second phase of weddings, because our children and their friends are getting married. Of course, some of us are still in a pattern of dating the wrong person altogether, but that is a different story. Because life is a pattern, and patterns are soothing, we offer you some patterns to enjoy today.

Painted Patterns

There are many different examples of patterns using paint here. Some of the patterns, such as leaves, moons and stars, or flamingos, would make a perfect pattern series for a child’s room, and patterns for a child’s room has been a growing trend during the past two years, especially when you mix patterns with the same general color scheme. However, for an office or a study at home, we think a mixture of patterns might be disconcerting, as you need those rooms for concentration. In that case, perhaps a collection of similarly patterned objects, such as mandalas, would be a soothing complement to any office decor.

However, painted patterns can also complement a living room or a bedroom. Depending on your color scheme, you can mix and match both patterns and colors. Another idea is to use the patterns as pillows and mix those with solid color furniture. Pattern pillows can be found here. 

Photo Patterns

Although you may not ordinarily think of patterns as being part of a photograph, many of our photograph artists see patterns everywhere, and use their cameras as a medium to take pictures of what they see in their world.  Perhaps more than paintings, photographic patterns can be used as decorations in any room, as they can be done in black and white or in color, which means that you have thousands of choices for decorating your space using patterns.

In addition, if you can’t find a group of photographic patterns you like, why not make your own from the hundreds of thousands of photographs we have here? You can become a master of your own patterns and create something completely different and amazing. For example, if you love skyscrapers, why not create your own montage of buildings for your walls?

Whether you are a believer in patterns or not, you really do not have to look hard to find them.  So why not make art with patterns? That has been the mantra of many an artist, and we have thousands of examples of their genius here. Who knows, perhaps you will become so good at making patterns, your friends will ask you to make patterns for them as well — at a wedding, perhaps?


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