Contest: Watermedia Showcase

by | Sep 13, 2018

Are you mesmerized by Monet’s work and never get tired of his water lilies or ponds? Have a talent for watercolors? Dying to get recognized? Thinking of fame, glory and money–well, at least the fame and glory part? You may want to think about showing off your skills in a contest put on by Watercolor Artist magazine.


The Best of Show winner will receive publication of their artwork in Watercolor Artist magazine in the April 2019 publication and $2500 in cash. The Second Place Winner will receive $1250 in cash and publication in Watercolor Artist magazine. The Third Place Winner receives publication of their artwork in the magazine and $750. A Fourth Place Winner will receive a $500 gift card from Blick Art Supplies and their artwork published in the magazine. Five people who receive an honorable mention will get $100 from Blick Art Supplies and their names will be published in the magazine.


The judge for the contest will be John Salminen, who is a watercolor artist from Minnesota. He has been a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, as well as the National Watercolor Society and the Transparent Watercolor Society of America. He has won over 220 awards in exhibitions in the United States and all over the world, including China, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, Australia, Russia, Mexico, Italy, Belgium and the United States.


Several criteria for the contest exist. First, all artwork must be submitted digitally. Make sure your digital representation of your watercolor is as accurate as possible, because that is what the judges will see. If the artwork is selected for further judging, the artist must be able to submit a high-resolution reproduction photo of your artwork to send in. Any artist is eligible to enter, as the contest is open to artists worldwide. You must submit original artwork, as any artwork based on material already published or based on another artists’ work are not eligible for this contest. The work must also have been self-produced and not under another artists teaching or supervision. You cannot even use a photograph to create a work of art. You must create the work with a water-based media on a surface create for watermedia, although mixed method entries are allowed if they are majority watercolors. Of course workers and immediate families  F+W, a Content and eCommerce Company are not eligible. The deadline for all countries is October 31.

Be sure that you take the best photograph possible of your artwork, so that the judges can see it clearly. Also, you may enter as many times as you like with different paintings, but note that the cost for each work of art is $30. The fees go up the closer to the deadline you get, so be sure and check the times and dates for entries.

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