Storms and Art

by | Sep 11, 2018

Do you know what time of the year it is? Of course we all know it’s summer, deep in the middle of summer, but for those of us on the East Coast or the Gulf Coast, we keep one eye on the summer fun, and one eye on information from the tropics. Yup, it’s hurricane season, which means that likely or not, someone from the national weather station will be excitedly reporting on something tropical.

Here at Fine Art America, we believe in finding beauty in everything, which includes stormy nature. With that in mind, we have many wonderful art pieces and photographs that show storms of many different kinds at their most beautiful.

Lightning Strikes Again

There is something amazingly magical about lightning, and its ability to instill fear and wonder all at the same time. Lightning, which appears more plentiful in the summer, can be found everywhere on our pages. There are art prints of many different kinds of lightning, because for artists, they symbolize power, transformation, and change. For example, Bryan Allen’s painting “The Lightning Catchers” illustrates the triumph of age, the beauty of nature, and the whimsy of our attraction to lightning.

Photographers have also been attracted to lightning. Several amazing photographs of lightning can be found here. There are lightning strikes in view of city skylines such as Denver and New York. Lightning strikes can also be found over oceans and lakes, and photographers have also photographed lightning strikes over mountains. The spectacular nature of lightning in clouds is also on display. Any of these photographs would make a wonderful new addition to your home or office.

Tropical Disasters in Art

In addition to the spectacular works of art with regard to lightning, we also have some glorious piece of tropical storms and hurricanes. While many people (and justifiably so) view these storms (and justifiably so, given their history) as nothing but horrible, artists have regarded the tropical storms as beautiful in their own way. Here you can find art of tropical storms and hurricanes, whether the artists have painted the storms from far away in the ocean, or close to land and foreboding. Artists have also done painting and photographs of giant waves and damage after a tropical storm.

Other paintings and photographs are of animals and plants and their reactions to oncoming storms or the aftermath of storms visible in the amazing sunrises and sunsets after a storm clears. There are thousands of paintings and photographs of life before and after tropical storms.

If you are like many of us, and you are fascinated by the weather, especially at this time of the year, have a look at our art and photographs. We have world-class artists who have captured the essence of thunderstorms and lightning, as well as the anger of the waves and wind. Aftereffects of the wind and the waves on plants, animals and dwellings can be viewed as well. Through the beauty of art, the beauty of nature can be seen in all of its lovely dangerousness.


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