Remembering 9/11

by | Sep 11, 2018

Do you remember where you were? We don’t think there was anyone alive that day over the age of 6 who doesn’t remember where they were. When tragedies happen, they usually happen on a local scale. A hurricane comes ashore, or a tornado hits a town…and while we feel badly, it is a local problem, with local volunteers usually working to help people get back on their feet.

However, here at Fine Art America, housed in NYC, many of us are Native New Yorkers, who were working the day the world changed. But this was not just a local tragedy, it was a national tragedy. It happened to all Americans. We felt it very acutely here. The missing persons posters. The red, white, and blue ribbons, police and fire hats, and smoke hanging in the air. September 11 was a national tragedy of the like none of us will most likely ever see again.

It appears that 9/11 is a focal point for many artists, musicians, writers, poets and dramatists. Because all artists look for a way to process their grief, it is only fitting that overwhelming grief over the loss of life and innocence that 9/11 brought is reflected in art.

With that in mind, we offer some examples of art that is reflective of September 11th, in photographs and paintings.

Photographs of September 11th

Many of the most striking pieces of art of September 11th have occurred in photographs. There are photographs of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center before the attack in several different locations, both inside and outside Manhattan. Did you know that the Twin Towers were once visible from nearly every location around Manhattan? You could take a ferry out to the Statue of Liberty, and when you turned around, you could see the World Trade Center. They were truly massive.

There are also pictures of the World Trade Center after the attack, in all phases of the aftermath. Photos of the American flag alive and well in the rubble. Photos of shadows of the towers. And photos of the memorial light where the towers used to stand, all beautiful and stark in their single beams of light.

Paintings of September 11th

The paintings that reflect September 11th are a little different than the photographs. Many of the paintings reflect the abstraction of the pain and sadness felt on that day, through the eyes of a firefighter’s badge, or a building shadow. The grayness and flame against the blue skies are also reflected here from the aftermath. Police officers, office workers, and firefighters are displayed here, in order to reflect the gravity of the day. But there is also hope here as well. Hope reflected in the paintings of sunrises, and symbols of peace, as well as people and buildings rising from the ashes of the day. Our artists have truly created masterpieces with their artwork.

If you want to buy a piece of art for someone you love that was affected on that day, we have lovely pieces that reflect all of the emotions and reactions to the day that can never be forgotten.


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