An Ode to Short Sleeve T-Shirts

by | Sep 11, 2018

We know, we know – short sleeves are coming to an end in the near future. The “Dog Days” of summer are slowly coming to an end. We know all of you are tired of the heat, humidity, and here in the Northeast, the constant lines of thunderstorms moving through this summer. However, short-sleeve shirts are something you can enjoy all year long, making them an ideal piece of your wardrobe.

All of the heat and humidity make us long for the fall, when the air is less humid, crisp and clean, and we can walk outside of our door in the mornings without feeling like we have just been slapped in the face with a damp washcloth. So, for that reason, we wanted to talk about our t-shirts today, because we are enjoying how we get to keep pulling our favorite short sleeve t-shirts out of the closet, pair them with jeans, pants or leggings and wear them around. Have a look at some of the t-shirt offerings we found for you here.

Word Art on T-Shirts

If you are like us (and we are betting you are) you have days where you do not want to talk to people at all. You could get a whole lot more done if people would just leave you alone and let you do your work. Or perhaps you got up this morning, and you just do not feel like talking – to anyone. We get it. Why not find a t-shirt to do the talking for you? Plenty of our  t-shirts come equipped with words that help you say whatever comes to mind. There are also shirts that are a bit political, that warn people not to mess with you today, or that celebrate something you love, such as art – we have lots of art-inspired t-shirt comments, and why shouldn’t we? Art is life.

Images and Icons on T-shirts

There are also times when you do not want to say anything at all, you just want to represent it on a t-shirt, and let that image do the talking for you. We get it. There are millions of t-shirts here that have images for you to choose from. There are animals on the shirts – from sharks to wolves to ladybugs – as well as animals in whimsical poses – we think we even saw a rainbow-colored buffalo, but we are not sure.

We also have shirts with famous people on them, so if you want to walk around with Marilyn on your shirt, or James Dean, or Thomas Jefferson, for crying out loud, we have got you covered. There are so many different t-shirts, it would be nearly impossible to list them all, but let’s just say that if there is a subject you want a t-shirt for, we probably have it here.

So why not relax, sit back, get out of the summer heat and humidity, and do a little thinking about fall as you’re browsing? We bet you can find a t-shirt, or two, or three, to take your mind off summer and put it forward onto fall where it belongs.


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