Down the Drain

by | Sep 8, 2018

Ok, we are going to admit it up front, we are feeling a little dirty today. A little elementary-boy silly, willing to laugh at all of the stupid fart jokes we can find – which we normally find disgusting, by the way. So, since we are feeling silly and goofy, why not take it all the way, and do a posting about bathrooms and bathroom humor? After all, everybody ends up in there at some point during the day. And since today’s bathrooms are a far cry from the outhouses of yesteryear, we figured we should offer up some art to make your bathroom truly a place you would want to stay in – like you are not going to spend a lot of time in there anyway.

Refined Art for Your Lavatory

Let’s say you want to make your bathroom as arty as the rest of the house. If that is the case, we have an entire curated collection available for you to make your bathroom a stylish place that you will love to go into for relaxing in the shower or bathtub, as well as that other stuff you have to do in there. The collection includes lovely artwork that features animals such as birds and bird nests, butterflies and ocean themed art, such as starfish and sea shells. Hummingbirds fly across the room, probably looking for nectar or the most beautiful flower it can find. There are collections of wildflower and curated flower collections from gardens all over the world. Whatever kind of curated bathroom you long for, you will be able to find something that you love.

Whimsical and Silly Art

While some of us love our refined art, others of us want the bathroom to be a place where humor always has a home. With that in mind, we have some collections of whimsical, silly, art, and cartoons guaranteed to make you smile no matter how many times you are visiting a bathroom in a day. There are funny expressions about life in general, as well as some silly paintings of people and animals doing crazy things you can use to make your home a silly, fun place. In addition, we have some artwork that shows people doing strange things in strange places – which, let’s face it, fits some of our bathroom experiences to a T.

Whether you are a serious bathroom person – go in there and do what needs to be done, and get the heck out of there as quickly as possible; or you are in a frame of mind today to be as silly and goofy as we are… we have everything you need to make your bathroom fit your personality. Because the bathroom may just be where your personality comes through with a vengeance – which could be a good thing, or a not so good thing. We are going to leave that up to you. Either way, our bathroom art pieces definitely have a piece just for you to love and put up in your space.


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