In Praise of Mums

by | Sep 7, 2018

Something magical happens right after Labor Day every year. The mums come out and are placed in all of our favorite hardware stores, and home improvement stores, even grocery stores have them. You can’t go anywhere without noticing the mums are out, in all of their fall glory. People use them to decorate stoops, window boxes, porches and front doors all over America. We kind of think the mum is the harbinger of fall, soon to be followed by some of our favorite things: cooler weather, Halloween, and football, and who does not love those things?

So at Fine Art America today, we are celebrating all things mum. Not the mum of the British mother type (one guy here keeps getting confused about that), but the mums as harbingers of fall. We have artists and photographers who love mums as much as we do, so therefore, a celebration is in order. To mums!

Mum Paintings

One of the great things about mums is that they come in all different sizes and colors. Mums have been used in paintings for hundreds of years. We have pictures of large yellow mums, a single yellow bloom by itself captured in a sea of blue. There are mums growing around a singular house surrounded by trees. Several abstract paintings of mums in pink, purple and red are also here, as well. There are studies of chrysanthemums (the big word for mums, you know) in cracked earthenware pots, in huge vases, and in a singular stem as part of an artistic display. One of the great things about mums is that they can be used by themselves or in conjunction with other flowers to create beautiful displays.

Mum Photos

There is something to be said about the beauty of mums in photographs. The perfect beauty of a single flower against many different borders is breathtaking. Some of our artists have taken pictures of mums up close, to study how they live and who they are dating — just kidding. The inner beauty of a close study of a mum is almost as amazing as its outer beauty, and how many of us can honestly say that? All kidding aside, mums are amazing, and truly worthy of our praise in photographs, through soft filters as well as the harshness of the light. There are even some amazing black and white pictures of mums that detail their structures which make us wonder if the mums had this idea all along.

So if you are feeling fall yourself, and are dying to find some art pieces for your home that celebrate fall, why not stop by our little store and find yourself some mum pictures? We know that you will be amazed at all we have to offer. Come and collect some of our mums today and place them all around your house in celebration of fall. Go ahead. Just think of all of the goodness that mums bring into our lives, and we know you will collect them up to give them a good home. There are so many to choose from, we know you will have a difficult time making up your mind. We are glad to let you try.


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