An Ode to the Himalaya

by | Sep 7, 2018

Many of us here at www.fineartamerica have traveled around America and the world pretty extensively. That being said, many of us have a desire to really sink our teeth into exploring the Himalayans, especially the big boys like Mount Everest. We do not know why, but there is something about those mountains that turn every single one of us into wanna-be explorers. We eagerly devour every single page of novels and books about climbing those mountains, and we talk of getting into shape to make it to the top of the mountain they call the roof of the world. However, we have to be honest. Most of us are not in the kind of shape it takes to climb something that big and frosty, and to be perfectly honest, we are not really wanting to get into the shape we need to in order to climb something that big anyway.

That being said, if you cannot explore the mountains, why not have paintings and photographs around to remind you of how beautiful they are? We have thousands of paintings and photographs to choose from that will allow you to have the beauty of the Himalayas in your home, even if you never make it there for a visit.

Himalaya Paintings

You can find thousands of paintings that use the Himalayans as the subject here. Our artists have painted the mountains as a grouping from far away, cold and forbidding – or foreboding, depending on your mood. There are paintings of the mountains soft and lovely with the sunrise reflecting off the snow at the top of the mountains. In addition, the mountains have been painted by themselves, stark against the moonrise, or standing alone as a testament to those people who have not come back from their explorations. There are also paintings of animals that are in the area, and the people who make a living in the area, ferrying people and supplies up the mountain. You are sure to find something here you like.

Himalaya Photographs

Perhaps you want to have a look at all of the places you have read about in your books. You want a view of Everest close up, perhaps at the very top, so that you can look at everything below you. Or maybe you want a view of Everest from the air, looking down at the mountain. You may want a picture of the North Col, or the Western Cwm, or you want to see the camps, strewn with prayer flags and hiker gear. We have photographers that have taken photos of these mountains from every aspect, and you can find them here. We know you can find a photograph – or two, or three—to take home with you.

While not all of us can go exploring in the Himalaya, we can all receive the benefits of the imagination and art of people who dream about the mountains, or have been there themselves. Come visit us here at, and let us show you how beautiful our art is.


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