Yup, It’s a Bachelor Pad

by | Sep 6, 2018

Back in the day, your first apartment when you graduated from college consisted of the couch one of your relatives gave you (probably Grandma – you gotta love Grandma), some plastic crates you got from a dairy, and a lot of rock and roll posters you found at a thrift store. You and your friends were perfectly happy to crash there, and it did not matter that nothing matched, and you and your roommate were most likely eating off the same 3 plastic plates and drinking from the same 3 plastic cups for a couple of years.

While we look back on those days with fondness, we also realize that times and tastes have changed. Now, a first apartment does not have to be rejects from family members, because you can find nice pieces of furniture for your apartment that are decently priced. And thanks to Fine Art America, you can also get pieces for your bachelor pad that will make you proud to bring a date home with you, or have your friends over to watch a game on the tv.


We have lots of different paintings for your bachelor pad here. Of course, you can choose for yourself how you want to group your paintings, but we also have collections and groupings chosen for you that allow you to create a look for your place without a whole lot of time or trouble. There are collections for science fiction fans, fans of a university, sports paintings, and state identification paintings. If you are more classically oriented, no problem. We also have paintings with nearly every subject you could think of. Want to create a wall of paintings with night as the theme? No problem.


In addition to paintings, we also have photographs you may want to use to decorate your bachelor space. Like our paintings, we also have thousands of photographs for you to choose from, on every subject you could think of. One grouping of photos that we like in particular is a rock and roll grouping of legendary singers, players and songwriters – a step up from the rock and roll posters of yesteryear. Collections of photographs include vintage cars, groups of old stores and farmhouses, as well as historical photos. There are also thousands of pictures of landscapes, people, and things – such as a Millennium Falcon – you might want to find a home for.

While we are looking at this posting as a bit of a tongue in cheek endeavor, there is no question there is a sense of freedom that your first apartment gives you that you have never experienced before, and we cannot say that we do not envy you a little. However, we have managed to tamp down our envy long enough to curate some awesome art for you to use to decorate the place where some of your first memories will be made as an adult. Enjoy this time friends, because soon enough you will be surrounded by responsibilities and perhaps by a whole lot more mess.


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