Labor Babe

by | Aug 31, 2018

It seems that the summer was just here, and we were happily playing at the lake or the beach. However, there are signs all around us that summer is coming to an end. Children are preparing to go back to school, or they are already there. The weather is cooler – wait – THAT has not happened yet! But for years, Labor Day Weekend specifically marks the end of the summer for all of us.

While Labor Day marks the end of summer, but that is not what the holiday was made for – although that is what a lot of people assume, and who could blame them? Labor Day was created to celebrate laboring – not the pregnant kind, but the working kind. Labor Day celebrates all of us who work for a living. To that end, we are celebrating the working people of America today with our fabulous “Labor” art.

Painting Labors

Many artists who celebrate the power of work can be found here. There are paintings of people who are working in the fields, cutting and harvesting grain, or who are on the back of a tractor, plowing a field. A funny painting of a worker bee is here too. Famous mural paintings by Diego Rivera and Thomas Hart Benton that celebrate the difficult jobs in manufacturing, welding, and construction are available as well. There are simpler, more pastoral paintings as well, of sheep herders herding sheep in a beautiful, hilly field. Teachers are here, teaching children or surrounded by children, which to a teacher means they are surrounded by love. Doctors and nurses are here as well, tending to the sick. Waitresses, bus drivers – whatever job you are looking to celebrate, can be found here.

Photography Labors

In addition to paintings of workers, there are also photographs of people working as well. Some of the photographs are historical, such as the photographs of women learning to weld and assemble planes during World War II. In addition, there are also pictures of farmers plowing their fields using a team of horses. There are construction workers who are building huge skyscrapers and bridges, dangling out over nothingness – which we have to say is not a job we would choose for ourselves. Custom-made advertisements from World War I and World War II extolling the virtues of capitalism are also here. With some of these photographs of labor, it appears you have stepped back in time. Perhaps your grandmothers, great-grandmothers, grandfathers or great-grandfathers were working at some of these very jobs when they were younger.

The photographers themselves sometimes went to great lengths to take the photos we have displayed here, but we feel they capture the beauty of the American workforce, whether it is inside using technology to create brilliance, or outside creating bridges, it is still a thing of beauty. Why not stop on over and pick out something for your home or office that celebrates the American worker? And… Happy Labor Day to You! Thanks for all you do to make our country great.


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