Why Not Nude?

by | Aug 24, 2018

Although it may be impolite to say so in certain company, people have been nude for quite a while. We come into the world nude, and sometimes, we leave the world nude as well. While in many areas, nudity is seen as an embarrassment or a way to shock the public, there has been nudity in art as long as there has been art. Artists created nude fertility images centuries ago to celebrate fertility or the bounty of a good harvest. Because we celebrate art in all of its forms, we have thousands of nudes for you to choose from to grace your home or someone else’s.

The Female Nude

Throughout history, the female nude has been used as a symbol for many different themes or topics. Female nudity has been celebrated as a symbol of love, passion, desire and fertility for thousands of years. Nudity is displayed here in many different forms. For example, women have been photographed or painted lying down or sleeping, as an expression of the natural beauty of the female body. Nude women have also been painted as a way to express the singularity of each female body, and that women’s bodies look different from different angles. Artists have also chosen to paint women as abstract nudes, in order to illustrate a particular aspect of the female nude as a representation of something else–whether it is as an object or as a self-reflection of how women are seen by others.

Of course, you cannot have a discussion of female nudes without introducing the concept of the sensuality of the female nude body, and many artists have chosen to represent nude women in art as sensual beings. Whether they are in the bath, lying on the bed after love, or in a lover’s pose with a man, a woman or a fantasy character such as a satyr, women nude illustrate sensual perfection in art.

The Male Nude

While female nudes can evoke a sense of fertility and sensuality, male nudes represent power and the stripped-down version of self as portrayed by artists. Many of the nudes shown are either painted or photographed alone with no background or props, in order to illustrate the barest, purest form of the human body, with a focus on the muscles and long limbs. Male nudes have also been used in art as a study for the bare truth of the body, or as a representation in science and medicine. Abstract male nudes, focused on one feature, are used to show the growth or deterioration of the body over time, perhaps with a focus by the artist of the mortality of all humans.

As with female nudes, there are male nudes in art that symbolize passion and lust for someone in the art pieces. Male nudes have been represented with other men and other women as a catalyst for passion and physicality of love in art, in many different settings –whether the artist chooses to display male nudes in an outdoor setting as a celebration or within the privacy of an indoor setting. However, you choose to celebrate the perfection of the nude form, you are sure to find a piece you love here.


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