Illustrations for a College Dorm

by | Aug 1, 2018

In just a few short months, a new group of college freshmen is going to be leaving their homes and move into someplace different — a college dorm room. In many cases, the student is leaving all of their posters and objects that have been in their rooms for years, and are looking for a change. While your college student is collecting bed linens and towels, he or she will also be looking at art for their dorm room. Below are some suggestions for filling the walls of a dorm room with illustrations.


Many college students enjoy adding humorous or whimsical art to their walls, such as the art shown here. Whimsical art can run the gamut between fairytale fantasy, science fiction and takes on established views and images, such as Svetlana Novikova’s colorful illustrations of dogs. Combined with photographs of family dogs, these colorful takes on dogs would make a great addition to a dorm room.

Whimsical art can also deal with fantasy and fantastical images, such as illustrations of famous science fiction characters, or famous paintings. For example, whimsical illustrations of Star Wars characters or landscapes shown here, can both evoke good memories of a favorite movie and decorate dorm walls as well.

Whimsical drawings can also be simple illustrations with a whimsical element. Andrew Hitchens blends the simplicity of illustrations with whimsical elements, often with animals. Cats are a common theme in Hitchen’s work. An artist from London who has blended surrealism and children’s illustrations to create unique pieces.

Word Art

Many college rooms have word art on the walls. With word art, students can group several pieces together to make a theme, such as love or faith, wisdom or strength. Word art pieces can be found here. Word art illustrations can be posters, but they can also be more refined, such as wood block art. Using words on the walls can help a college student flesh out the bare bones of his or her dorm and illustrate their personalities.

Cities or States

If your college student’s dreaming of home, or has dreams of moving someplace else, putting illustrations of cities or states on the dorm wall would make a great addition to their space. Many drawings of cities or states can be found here.  For example, New York City is represented in many illustrations–from cartoonish caricatures of the city to drawings of a particular symbol of the city to more realistic illustrations. There are also illustrations of other cities represented, such as Kansas City, Milwaukee, and Chicago. Kansas City for example, is done in various representations of color and black and white, with and without words done by Bekim Art.

Whatever you choose to use to illustrate the walls of a college dorm room, using illustrations that represent the personalities of the students and help make their room feel closer to home. Give your loved one the gift of art. Decorate their dorm with things that will make them smile whenever they look at it, as it will leave them thinking about you!


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