Jen Norton–Artist Profile

by | Jul 31, 2018

Jen Norton is best known for her work with religious art with Catholic themes, as shown here, but she has also done original acrylic work, such as her piece entitled “Four Persimmons”, which is a multi-orange hued work of citrus glory, perfect for a kitchen, or another room in the house that may need a bright piece of art.

Early Years

The artist was born in California, and returned there for college. She is a graduate of Santa Clara University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art and a minor in business. Jen Norton was extremely shy as a child; in fact, she was so shy she did not communicate with anyone outside her family. She found a way to communicate with the outside world using art from a very young age because that was the only way she could communicate.

While Jen spent a number of years after college working as a graphic designer for a well-known advertising company in Cupertino, California that specialized in advertising for technology companies, and gained extensive knowledge and experience in working and communicating with others, she decided to leave advertising and work full time as an artist.

Themes in Her Work

Jen’s work is primarily focused on three categories. The largest category is in Christian/Catholic art. In this category, Jen has created works that celebrate tenants of Catholicism, such as saints. She has many paintings of celebrated saints, such as St. Augustine, Joan of Arc, and St. Teresa of Kolkata. Much of her artwork in Christian art contains inspirational words or Bible verses. Jen has also included thematic elements central to Christianity, including the fruits of the spirit, patience, and rejoicing in the love of God.

In addition to her work on Christian themes, Jen has also painted numerous paintings of nature. Much of the nature works have been done with flora native to California, such as her “Red Protea” work of a California flower. She has also done some pieces with animals in California, such as her works with humpback whales in Vera Cruz, sea turtles in the Pacific Ocean and monarch butterflies in Natural Bridges.

Her Versatility

Jen has also done work with different kinds of fruit, such as the “Four Persimmons” noted above. While some of the fruit works appear to be along the same themes as her Christian works, with words as well as images, her other works in this category are striking in their representations of nature, such as the striking work on apples in “Pick Me” which highlights one apple using light and color, with other apples in the background.

Jen Norton’s work illustrates the beauty of self-reflection, self-observation, and the beauty found through observing nature in California with an eye appreciation of the Divine involvement in nature itself, and in all things in general. Her works would make a unique addition to many different areas of the house, including the kitchen, meditation room, or sunroom, among others.


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