Ode to Beaches

by | Jul 29, 2018

There is nothing like summer to make your mind flow through the thoughts of ocean breezes and waves crashing on the shore. Beaches bring out the best in people, and represent the best summer has to offer, not including seafood salad and cookouts on the shore.

If you can’t make it to the beach this summer, the summer beach scene will be happy to come to you. We have just the art available to help you bring summer into your home.

Beach Landscapes

If you are looking for photos and paintings of beaches from all over the world, you can find many different views of landscapes here. Traditional beach landscapes could be grouped together forming different points of view of different kinds of beaches. Florida beaches as photographed by Chad Duston can be paired with tourist-drawing landscapes by Mary Helmreich or beaches in Mexico by Elena Elisseeva. Beach landscapes welcome you into their view and invite you to sit down and take a break from all of your daily cares.

Beach Symbols Groupings

In addition to grouping of landscapes, symbols of beaches could also be grouped together. There are many symbols of beaches either in painting or photography that can be viewed here. Symbols of the beach culture can be grouped as stylized prints of beach-themed movies, or of photographic symbols of beaches, such as sea animals, shells, or the surrounding cliffs of a seashore. In all of the beach offerings we have, you are sure to find something in beach symbols that evokes good memories of past trips with family and friends.

Beach Abstracts

For some people, the landscapes and symbols of the beach are nice, but they would prefer to keep a more modern perspective, and would choose abstract paintings rather than symbols or landscapes. Modern, clean or contemporary homes may find beach abstracts a better fit for their homes. Abstract paintings can offer the same memory-evoking themes the same as other works of art.

One of the amazing parts of abstract art is that the art is interpreted by each individual differently. While one person sees a painting of a storm, someone else may see seagulls in flight, and another person may see peaceful curves and lines on a blue field. Several examples of abstract beach art can be found here. Beach abstracts, as discussed with both the landscape and symbol groupings above, can be grouped together or mounted separately. Either mounted in a group or by themselves, beach abstracts can be used to create a calming palette for a room and evoke summer memories.

Whatever you may be doing this summer, beach art can help you remember what summer is for: long nights of talking and roasting marshmallows, swimming all day, floating down a river in an inner tube, barbecues and candles, and lots of lemonade. Beach art can create summer memories to last throughout the lives of those you love. Go out today and find the perfect piece of art to bring back all of those fond beach memories, then hang it up in your home to keep those memories alive.


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