Frame of the Month: Rustic Farmhouse

by | Jul 25, 2018

Summer always brings on thoughts of hot weather, lemonade, watermelon, cold salads and fireworks. Thoughts of redecorating for the summer mean pastels and soft whites to lighten and brighten any room in your house. One way to incorporate the look of rustic farmhouse or modern farmhouse into your summer decor ideas is through rustic farmhouse frames.

The Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse style has been a part of the American landscape for over 150 years. Many pieces of farmhouse decor, simple pieces designed to get the maximum use and intended to be passed down from generation to generation, grace many homes. However, in the 1980s and 1990s, the modern minimalist style favored the new and the reduction of “old things”. The trend has now reversed, and comfort is back in vogue.  The modern farmhouse style is the best of both worlds, modern and primitive.  The farmhouse style is able to combine the clean, metallic simple lines of modern/contemporary design and the cozy, sometimes kitschy nature of country/farmhouse. People who enjoy the simplicity and honesty of farmhouse enjoy the pairing of neutrals with bright colors, wood with steel, and words with simple, repeated prints.

Farmhouse Frames Used With Art

Farmhouse frames can be used with a variety of art pieces. For example, the vintage word art shown here, and framed using farmhouse frames would give any room a vintage feel with a modern twist. For example, state art using the outlines of states and words as done by Design Turnpike gives living spaces a personalized touch.  Additional word art includes vintage drawings on old dictionary pages, which would give the farmhouse frames a great look. Examples of the vintage drawings by Jacob Kuch include birds, animals, flowers and landscapes as well as whimsical illustrations.

In addition, farmhouse frames lend themselves to floral art as well as words. Simple floral prints, such as those shown here, highlight the unique beauty of each farmhouse frame, which are by nature simple. Meirion Matthias uses large, detailed paintings of a single flower, which would enhance the beauty of the farmhouse frame and the artwork, especially the piece “Textured Dahlia in Blue” which uses a summery blue color, would be lovely in a white or gray farmhouse frame. Matthias appears to use florals in many of his pieces, especially dahlias, which would be distinctive if grouped together with farmhouse frames.

Farmhouse frames speak of summer gardens, water slides, and long nights around the barbecue grill. These frames also speak of a simpler time, when furniture and furnishings were not meant to be thrown out at a moment’s notice, but cherished and passed down generation after generation. If you love older, well-loved pieces and the comforts of vintage pieces and comfy surroundings, or you are just drawn to the idea of changing up your home for summer, farmhouse frames can be a perfect way to lighten your summer mood. Enjoy the tranquility that comes with farmhouses and what they represent about old-world Americana by finding some of the pieces on our site for your home. 


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