Superheroes Are Here to Stay

by | Jul 22, 2018

Do you remember the days when superheroes were relegated to comic books, basements, and teenage nerddom? Well, if you needed any reminder that superheroes anymore, three of the top five highest grossing movies of 2018 are about superheroes. In fact, three of the top five highest grossing movies of 2017 were also based on superheroes. Clearly superheroes are a force to be reckoned with.

Here, we recognize that superheroes deserve a place in your home. We have found several different types of superhero art, and we know somewhere in one of our collections you will find something that suits your taste.

Superheroes Themselves

Many comic book collectors have a favorite superhero that they want to put on display. Superman is the nation’s favorite superhero, and polls over the years have demonstrated that Superman has been a favorite among Americans for the last 70 years, since the superhero flew onto the scene in 1933.

Because Superman is so popular, there are many different kinds of art on Superman or using Superman as a theme here.

In addition to Superman, other superheroes are popular as well. Artists have painted or drawn images of Wonder Woman, who has become a new favorite, especially among women; and the Flash. Spiderman, also a perennial favorite is found within the superheroes as well. Among other superhero works are anonymous works of superheroes that are beautiful in themselves and would make a wonderful addition to any room.

Other Superhero Works

One of the most fun aspects of superhero art are the words, brightly colored and brilliant, would make a great addition to superhero artwork. Many superhero words and phrases can be found here. In addition, many artists have created works that discuss all of our potential to be superheroes, which makes an empowering statement in many rooms of your home.

Uses for Superhero Art

There are as many uses for superhero art as there are superheroes.

First, superhero art would be great in a children’s room. Children’s rooms are often decorated with bright colors and bold patterns, which would be enhanced with superhero art and the use of bold colors. In addition, the use of superhero art gives the room a pop-art feel, which many children love.

That same love of pop-art tradition could be used to blend vintage superhero art with modern art all over your home. Pop-art, once considered at the end of fashion, replaced by minimalist art in the early 21st century, is making a comeback, especially with the mid-century modern furniture and furnishing craze that is a hallmark of the 2010s. While having a huge pop-art piece might not be the best choice, pop-art featuring superheroes would make a small, neutral room come alive with color.

Also, if you are a teacher, or you have family or friends that are teachers, consider buying them some pop art for their classroom. Their students, whether elementary, middle school, or high school would love to have a fun addition to their rooms.

Whatever kind of super needs you have, superheroes can come to your rescue.


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