Fine Art Picks: Wassily Kandinsky, Part Two

by | Jul 20, 2018

As discussed in Part One, Wassily Kandinsky’s talent as an artist may very well lie in his ability to mature and grow as an artist as well as his changeability. It could be argued that no artist moved through as many different periods of his life as an artist than he did. In Part One, we discussed the artist’s first three periods of his artistic life: Youth, Metamorphosis and the Rider Period. Part Two of the Fine Art picks is concerned with the last three periods of Kandinsky’s life: the Return to Russia, Bauhaus Period and the Great Synthesis.

Return to Russia Period

Kandinsky returned to Russia to continue painting and teach as well. While not all of his works survived the period, he also was not as active artistically, because he was participating in the events of the Russian Revolution for nearly four years. However, some of his paintings do exist and illustrate his continued experimentation of style and color, and the placement of forms within his art. During this period, his works were moving more towards solid lines and more solid shapes in the middle of his pieces, such as “In Grey” and “Tableau à la Tache Rouge”. The artist was also moving towards more flowing movement in the background of his pieces as well. Several examples of work that is modeled after the Russia period of Kandinsky’s work is pictured here. Although a devoted patriot of Russia, his views of art were too bourgeois, and he decided to go and teach at the Bauhaus.

The Bauhaus Period

Many art critics have said that the Bauhaus Period was the most successful period of Kandinsky’s life, and his explorations with shapes and the preciseness within abstract art. During this period, the shapes of Kandinsky’s art and the exploration of lines and curves all took place in the center of the work, with a lightened background. Examples of pieces from the Bauhaus period include “Small World” and “Circles within a Circle” as well as “On White II”.

Examples of works modeled from Kandinsky’s Bauhaus Period can be found on the Jazzberry Blue Page, which has numerous examples of works similar to Kandinsky, with precise shapes on a neutral background. This gallery has many examples of “Systems Pieces” drawn by the artist, all of which have shapes, often elaborate shapes on a neutral background.


In the final period of Kandinsky’s life, he combined many of the elements from earlier periods. He brightened his color schemes, and mixed his paints with dirt to give them an earthy texture. He continued to use many different lines and forms while he experimented. These final works represented over 50 years of work in the art forms he loved throughout his life. Kandinsky’s final works, such as “Composition IX” and “Composition X” are the culmination of his life’s work, although he claimed that the most difficult work he ever painted was done 20 years before his death. Examples of works with multiple forms like Kandinsky’s can be viewed here.

Whichever period of Kandinsky’s works you love the best, you are sure to find something to grace your home as a reflection of your own personality or as a tribute to this amazing artist.


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