It’s All Black and White

by | Jul 14, 2018

We all have discussions with others every day of our lives, and whether it’s politics, religion, entertainment, sex or anything else you discuss, you will often hear the expression, “It’s not all black and white.” People are always discussing that life is made up of shades of gray. Our world doesn’t have to be shades of gray, however, if you want life to be black and white, you can have that — at least in your own home. Here at Fine Art America, we offer art in black and white to grace the walls of your space in wonderful combinations.

Black and White Photography

Black and white photography can give bright living areas neutral art in an otherwise colorful space, such as black and white photography with a large red sectional. However, just because black and white photos represent two colors of the spectrum, they can also be used as focal points in any room. Nearly half a million examples of black and white photography are displayed here, and cover a variety of subjects. There are photos of a single flower, animals such as zebras and bears; cityscapes such as Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles; and historical or celebrity portraits. Depending on your particular style, you may want to have a large, single photo dominate a room, or you may want to group black and white photos together with a single subject, such as skyscrapers. Black and white photography provides the medium that draws observer and allows them to observe the art without the distraction of color.

Black and White Art

Contrary to popular belief, a lot of art exists in black and white. Here you can pencil or line drawings in black and white of everything from Darth Vader and bulldogs to cows in the field. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of black and white art is in abstract paintings, which feature either an all black and white work or a work in all black and white with a small bit of color, which only adds to the drama. There is word art in black and white as well, in a variety of thoughts, feelings and proverbs. Black and white art, much like photography, works to draw the art lover in and allow him or her to notice the fine details and emotions of the work without distraction or hesitation. Some of the art displayed acts as a catalyst for conversation or an invitation to change.

Whether you are a lover of photography, painting or drawing, black and white gives the patron a place to use as a jumping off point for the rest of the house. Black and white sends a message, that this is a room that should be taken seriously, and the art on the walls is there by design, not by chance. Black and white makes everything more pronounced and dramatic. If you are looking to make a statement, or just add a statement piece for conversation, debate or declaration, there is sure to be something in our collection that will give you the effect you want.


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