Portable Battery Chargers

by | Jul 12, 2018

In this fast-paced world, your phone or tablet doesn’t last long enough through the day to power you through everything you have to do in a day’s work. That’s why lots of people carry around portable battery chargers to help them get through their days on full power. If you look at a portable battery charger, you might notice they’re dull and black. Why not incorporate art into your battery charger? We have lots of battery chargers to select from.

Changeable Abstract Chargers

Lots of people are enchanted by abstract design in their art, so why not display in on something you use every day? One of the unique aspects of our abstract chargers is that some of them are different pieces of the same artistic work, which means that you can take a different piece of the abstract work with you every day. Examples include a series of abstract rectangle art prints, a series of abstract food art prints, and a series of water representations as well. A large number of abstract charger collections can be viewed here.


Astronomy Chargers


Do you love to look at the stars? Are you a giant astronomy geek that loves to get into discussions about whether or not there is life on other planets, or whether Pluto is a planet or not? We have chargers for you that point to your love of planets and stars here. There are chargers that depict the Aurora Borealis, galaxies such as the Andromeda Galaxy, and pictures of astronauts and astronomers past and present. With all of the choices you have, it should be no trouble to find a charger that is out of this world (see what we did there?).

While we’re on the subject of science, there are chargers that represent other aspects of science besides astronomy. There are representations of chemistry, electricity, and physics as well, with pictures of chemical equations, and photos of Tesla and Einstein among others. You are sure to find something you like with this many choices.


Flora and Fauna

Maybe instead of looking for science or abstract, you are looking for animals and plants to put on your portable charger. No problem. We have a wide selection of flora and fauna chargers here. Animals and plants are represented with paintings and drawings as well as photography. The paintings of plants and animals are displayed as watercolors, impressionistic representations, and abstracts as well. Photographs of animals are done in color or black and white. If you love plants and animals, there is a wealth of art here you can use to show your love.

No matter what kind of art you like, from many hundreds of years of art and art works, whether it’s photography, paint or pencil, there are millions of different forms you can choose to grace the cover of your charger. As this is a fairly new form of expression, not many people will have them, so you are sure to make an impression or start a conversation around your piece, and isn’t that what art is about?


Sunflowers Everywhere

  It’s that time of year. All over the United States, sunflowers are blooming: in fields, in large garden patches, and in vases on tables. We even have a Sunflower State. Many people like sunflowers because their beautiful colors remind us of sunshine. So it’s no...

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Go West, Young Man (or Young Woman)

We are not saying who, but some of our fathers are movie lovers, with an emphasis on Westerns. Some of our dad are into The Duke, and walk around saying things like, “Come on over here, Pilgrim, and have something to eat.” We also have the Clint Eastwood loving...

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Historical Photos as Art

Although we do not often quote an Indiana Jones film (although we probably should start), in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” Belloq, the French archeologist, tells Indiana Jones that “All your life has been spent in pursuit in archaeological relics. Inside the Ark are...

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