RV Art

by | Jul 11, 2018

It is estimated that about 7 million people own RVs, and another 2 million rent RVs or borrow a friend’s RV to travel. RVing, which began in the 1950s with the advent of interstate travel, quickly became a popular way to vacation, because it meant that families could camp out together without lying in a tent on the ground. RVs come in all shapes, sizes and prices, from the small pop-up RV you can buy for $2000 used, to the large, tour-bus sized RVs that cost six figures new.

The latest trend in RVs is to add decorative touches to the inside of RVs, no matter what their size, especially with the advent of the tiny-house movement, where professional finishes and premium touches add refinement to what has been seen as something more rustic. With that in mind, we here at Fine Art America have fully embraced the RV idea, and we have found some art we think would go amazingly well in your RV, no matter what size or shape your RV happens to be.

Rustic Art

Many artists here have stuck to the simple and beautiful with regard to RV art. Some artists have chosen to paint RVs in their natural habitat, which we somehow see as a sunset in the desert. Other artists have done RVs in the sunset, warmed by a campfire. Artists have also chosen to highlight particular RVs that have a classic, mid-century modern feel, such as the Airstream in many different colors and lighting. Winnebagos, a popular RV from the 1970s, are also used in art. There are plenty of pieces to choose from when you are trying either to add to the decor of your RV or collect some art for your home that reminds you of vacations past — hopefully not with Aunt Edna or Cousin Eddie on board.

Modern Art

RVs have also been illustrated using modern art techniques, which display humans around an RV, as well as RV as a symbol of kitsch and Americana — good and bad. There are even a couple of “Breaking Bad” references if you look closely enough at the artists’ work.  Photographs are also represented here, some of merely the RVs themselves of nearly every make and model, and some with RVs centered in a sweeping landscape of the open road, or with mountains as a backdrop. There are even pictures of RVs that could not really be considered RVs anymore, because of the destruction or wear and tear they’ve suffered. So many photos of RVs to choose from, it would be hard to decide which ones to put on the walls.

Whether you are an RV fanatic (we know you’re out there) or you just have spectacular memories of RV travels when you were younger (or when your children were younger), why not pick out some art today to put in your home, or in that special little camper you love? After all, your RV is your home away from home, why not express your personal style while you travel?


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