Let’s Go To The Movies

by | Jul 9, 2018

Movie posters have been used as a decorating tool nearly as long as movies have been part of American culture. Vintage movie posters have been used as an art form since the 1920s, and have been sold at auction for millions of dollars. For example, an original “Revenge of the Jedi” poster, which was rendered obsolete when the movie name was changed with cast signatures sold for six figures. While movie posters are great for decorating, what is perhaps more interesting are the art forms that use movie posters as the backdrop, or the photographs of movie stars and locations within Hollywood itself.


Minimalist Movie Posters

While minimalist art and home decorating have been out of favor since the early 2000s, minimalist art still has a place in some areas, as it represents a more simplistic view of life. In many mid-century modern households with clean lines and bright colors. In fact, these clean, simple lines are clearly visible on the art and details in the 2004 movie “The Incredibles”, which is about a family of superheroes, and was lauded for its use of mid-century modern furniture and design.

Chungkong Art has designed hundreds of minimalist art posters from a variety of decades — everything from the 1960s “Valley of the Dolls” to current Oscar-winning movies, such as “The Shape of Water”. Each piece was created to capture the essence of the film in one stylistic drawing. While each movie poster is different, because of their thematic elements, several could be grouped together, especially around a common movie them, such as horror, romance or drama. These posters could also be grouped by color palette as well, as many of the works have the same color palette or a complimentary color palette.

Hollywood Photography and Art

The opposite of minimalism is excess. A number of homes love the idea of photography placed next to art with a similar theme. Underwood Archives Art Collections has several different kinds of artwork around Hollywood. Many movie stars in candid shots are featured as well as symbols of Hollywood, famous homes and landmarks around Hollywood. There are also photos of Los Angeles as well, if you want to mix them with photos of Hollywood. Some of the photographs are from nearly 100 years ago, but there are recent ones as well. Nearly all of the photos are in black and white.

Along with movies and photography of Hollywood and Los Angeles, paintings of the area, which include landscapes as well as cityscapes, famous landmarks and symbols. All of these ideas could be grouped into a theme around a particular movie or landmark. The living room would make a great place to stage a montage of art and photography with the Hollywood and Los Angeles areas as the theme.

If you like the idea of giving movies center stage, or you love the idea of decorating a room, such as the entertainment room, with images of movies, old Hollywood and new symbolism, you can find anything you need to make your tinsel town dreams come true.


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