Getaway Tote Bags

by | Jun 11, 2018

Summer always brings thoughts of baseball games, chili dogs, the beach, and… getting away from work for a few days or weeks if you’re lucky. There is nothing quite like the feeling of throwing a few things into a bag and escaping for the weekend during the summer. But why should you leave your taste behind if you leave for vacation? With our tote bags, you can bring your art with you wherever you go.  We have millions of bags to choose from, so there’s bound to be one you can personalize for your summer vacation getaway.

If It’s Summer, Why Not a Summer Bag?

Whether you like boho, or vintage or seascapes, there are hundreds of choices for a getaway bag here. One whole collection is devoted to tropical escapes, with bags featuring banana leaves, palm trees, tropical fish, seahorses and shells. If you’ve never been to the tropics, these bags are just the thing to make you want to get out of your house to get there. If you have been to the tropics, these getaway bags are just what you need to reminisce with your family and friends.

City Sophistication

Many of the getaway tote bags feature city skylines in a variety of paintings, photographs and colors. There are photographs of city skylines from New York to Los Angeles and everything in between. Some of the bags feature entire skylines, while other bags feature different aspects of a particular city, such as a building or a bridge. Landmarks are also displayed on some of the bags. Other tote bags have paintings or drawings of cities in a variety of colors and art periods. Cities are portrayed in watercolors and in stark, realistic views. In addition to cities in the United States, other cities are featured from Asia and Europe, which gives you an international feeling every time you take the bag out of your closet.


Maybe you want to get a little racy during your getaway, and take something with you on your trip that you definitely can’t take to the office. There are a variety of nudes available on tote bags here, The bags feature artists’ portrayal of both the nude male and the nude female form, in many different periods from surrealism to naturalism. Photographers have also created nude tote bags as well. Whether you want to be a little naughty, or you want to celebrate the beauty of the human form, you will find a nude you can tote around to your next destination.

These getaway tote bags are just the thing to spice up your summer plans, whether they involve going down to the neighborhood pool, having a party on your rooftop, or a tropical vacation. Even if you don’t leave your building, your summer tote will make you feel as if you are basking in the vacation sunlight. Getaway bags could also inspire you to go ahead and plan that weekend trip you’ve been putting off for better days. When it comes to artistic expression, weekender totes allow you to carry that expression with you wherever you happen to travel.


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