Decorating with a Floral Motif

by | Jun 8, 2018

With the advent of spring, many people want to celebrate the season using floral motifs in their homes. Flowers appeared in a multitude of homes with an Impressionistic tone, but today’s living spaces allow for a great deal of individuality in how they are decorated. If you want to add flowers to your decorating scheme, you have a lot of options to choose from when choosing to add a floral motif to your home.

Floral Posters

Floral art posters add flowers to your home, and can also have words or other motifs with the poster. Poster collections, such as Nailia Schwarz’s posters of poppies, allow you to group several art posters together in one room for maximum effect. Schwartz has photographed poppies throughout their entire life stage, which gives the art an interesting series of blossoms to design with. For a similar grouping with a more understated feel, floral motifs have made an appearance as art posters, as shown here. These posters could be made into a grouping based on color for a showing of florals in a more subdued role.

Florals with Words

Words and motifs can also give florals an antique feel, and many art prints feature florals as part of an advertising campaign from past newspapers or magazines. Debbie DeWitt uses florals and words in English and French, to display a design scheme popular in many room designs. DeWitt also uses scientific drawings of roses and other flowers in her artwork. When combined with other floral art prints or other floral decorative pieces, such as pillows or fabrics, a room can be transported into a lovely floral garden from yesteryear.

Contemporary Florals

In addition to floral art that evokes images of the past, contemporary art fans can also find art pieces using florals to decorate their spaces, such as the art prints found here. These prints can be used as single pieces or within a grouping to provide a focal point for a room, especially when the room itself is designed using a neutral palette for both the walls and the furnishings. Contemporary florals are often a single floral or a small floral group with an emphasis on a part of the flower, which maximizes their impact. In using florals as art in a contemporary setting, you can choose from the use of a single type of flower, or a single color using different types of flowers, which also commands attention in any room.

Art depicting floral gardens are also a beautiful addition to any room as well. Many landscape art prints of gardens are available, and can be grouped as a series or with a series of individual types of flowers as well as the use of garden landscapes as design features. Individual photographs of florals can also be used to bring the outdoors inside the home. If you are a garden enthusiast, architectural landscape designs can also be used to display a more streamlined floral motif.

So many different types of flowers and floral motifs exist, you will be able to find a variety of designs to make an impact in your home.


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