Decorating a Man Cave

by | Jun 6, 2018

With the beginning of the 21st century, rooms designed for men, or “man caves”, came back into prominence, although men have been creating spaces for themselves to get away from the cares of life since ancient history. While drawing rooms, libraries and studies have all been historic rooms for men to gather for conversation or to participate in games, or even to sit and read in peace and quiet, decorating a man’s space has never been open to so many options. While the drawing rooms and studies of the past have been filled with art objects, books, and even experiments, today’s man cave can be decorated using souvenirs, art prints and photographs to complement the sports theme found in thousands of man caves.

Traditional Sports Decorations

Many man caves use one sport as their decorative theme. In the case of football, there are a variety of motifs to choose from. Men who like a particular team can choose to add team jerseys, photos, and art prints with a football team, as shown here. Football art could be art prints about a particular team, word art about football in general, or posters of football legends. Combined with furniture suitable for gathering around a big screen tv, this man cave is ready for football season. For the college football fan, man caves could be combined with art from a particular school, pictures from the school, and team or college names, logos or mascots.

In addition to football, many man caves feature a baseball theme. Along with the furniture and television screens, baseball man caves can also combine souvenirs, historical photos and art prints. Baseball art found here, which uses wood prints rather than canvas or metal, adds to the vintage feel many baseball fans want in their man caves. Shawn Everhart, an artist known for his photographic art prints of cityscapes, has done many photos of baseball stadiums with both day and night themes that would make a wonderful addition to any baseball lover’s man cave.

Basketball lovers also have a choice in their man caves between college basketball and professional basketball. As with baseball and football, basketball lovers have a variety of items to decorate their man cave. Architectural renderings of basketballs along with movie posters, as shown here, can be combined with wood prints, team photos and logos, jerseys and other souvenirs. In addition, basketball venues, some of them over 100 years old, have been featured as architectural photographs in man caves. Basketballs themselves have also been displayed as art prints or photographs.

Unconventional Sports Decorations

Of course, man caves are not just for lovers of football, baseball and basketball. Other forms of sporting events have also been featured in man caves, including horse racing, hockey, the Olympics, auto racing, and soccer. General sports themes in man caves have also been popular, because they allow men who love multiple sports to emphasize more than one sport in their spaces. Whatever sport you want to use to decorate your man cave, there are plenty of options to choose from in art prints, photographs, and memorabilia.


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