Vacation Season Photos: What to do With Them When Vacation’s Over

by | May 28, 2018

Every year, you take a vacation, whether it is to somewhere exotic abroad, or someplace close to home. You snap picture after picture with a camera or a cell phone. While you often want other people to see your gorgeous vacation photos someplace other than scrolling through the gallery of images on your cell phone, it it hard to make decisions about placing your photos in your living space. However, with a few suggestions, you could transform your vacation photos combined with art prints and build an amazing display in your home.

Framing Comes First

First, be sure that your vacation photos are ready to be framed, or made into canvases for framing. Many homes are incorporating canvas-stretched frames with photos into art for their houses. Other homes have chosen to have photos printed on metal and then combining them with canvas art prints or metal art prints. People have also used photos in various types of frames combined with canvas or metal art prints.

Impact is Important

Second, begin to think about showcasing your photos along with other art pieces for maximum impact. This is easy to do if you can combine art prints of landscapes or city skylines, such as the ones found here, with photos from your family trip to the same city to create a pulled-together mural of your vacation destination for the maximum impact.

If you took more pictures of flora and fauna than landscapes on your trip, including examples of works of art with flower motifs, such as the ones here, would also create a dazzling multimedia display for your home. You could even combine the pictures of family vacations from the past as well as the present with art prints to further extend the reach of many different colors and textures of the photos and artwork.

Creating a Photographical Theme

Third, think of combining photos and art prints to reflect a particular theme. In the kitchen, it would be interesting to create a wall full of pictures from family cooking and dining experiences with art prints of food or eating. For example, if you have family photos from dining during vacations, and you pair them with pictures of family dining as well as art prints of food or dining, you create an effect that symbolizes joy in food and family.

In a child’s room, art prints and photographs from vacations could be used to illustrate that child’s particular favorite memories or interests from a vacation, which works to personalize the room for the child, and add to the sense of fun and whimsy often found in children’s rooms. A teenager’s room could display concert photos with art prints of guitars and drums, which allows teens to express themselves in new, bold ways.

However you choose to combine vacation photos or art prints, be sure that both types of media reflect the feelings conveyed at the time of the vacation, and that the photos complement the art prints rather than overshadowing them. By carefully grouping your photos with art prints, you can create a look in any room that looks amazing, but very personalized to your tastes and love of travel.


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