Get Ready for Summer with These Canvas Prints

by | May 26, 2018

Are you ready to start the summer off right? One of the best ways to greet the changing season is by changing up your home décor. Don’t underestimate just how much your choice of decorations can impact your mood as well as your home’s feel. There is a reason that we tend to put up decorations to celebrate special holidays, after all: they amplify our “holiday spirit” and make the time more enjoyable. With that in mind, it’s important to pick the best wall art possible to in order to make the most of the season. Let’s take a look at some great options to help kickstart your summer!

Beach Breezes

When you think about summertime, what image comes to mind? For many, the answer is the hot sand and cool waves of the beach. Many of us wait all year to be able to spend as much time under the sun and in the water as possible, so it makes sense that swimming the days away is one of the most iconic images of summer. What better way to embrace the summer, then, than with wall art of idyllic beaches? Look for soothing pictures in serene, soft colors that help impart a sense of tranquility and peace to any room.


Not everyone is excited about the prospect of hanging a canvas print of a beach on their walls. No matter how beautiful the location in question is portrayed, sometimes we want more abstract options that enhance our homes without being quite so obvious. If you are interested in adding some new wall art to your home for the season but are looking for something a bit less conventional, why not opt for a canvas print full of soothing water tones? This is a great way to help boost your home’s summer vibes.

Book and Movie-Inspired Prints

Maybe water tones and beach scenes aren’t your taste. If you’re looking for something a bit more subdued, canvas prints of movie or book covers might offer the kind of subtle décor you’re hoping for. Available in a variety of different colors and text, this particular wall art option is a great choice for people more interested in finding a trendy wall art option. You might consider canvas prints of quotes, too, as an alternative to the more traditional waterscapes and abstract prints.

Ae you excited for summer? Get a head start on the fun and time under the sun with new canvas wall art! At Fine Art America, we have the very best in wall art options. We can help you boost your summer décor and fully embrace the warm weather. Consider taking a look at our collections for inspiration! The Beach House Collection is a particularly apt option for this time of year. You can find all manner of beach scenes, dreamy abstract paintings in soothing blue tones, and even a selection of fun book and movie-inspired prints!

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