Gift Ideas for Vacationers

by | May 24, 2018

With Memorial Day coming up, people’s thoughts turn to the luxury and relaxation of a vacation. If you have friends and family who are going on a vacation soon, or who are just returning from vacation, what can you welcome them home with? What about an art print for their house that reminds them of their wonderful vacations? Or perhaps a new pillow or phone case would make a good gift? Whatever the taste of your friends and family, there is a gift they’re sure to love nearly as much as they loved their recent trip.

Vacation Art Prints

Vacation art prints are a great way to remind your friends and family where they have been. The collection offered has nearly every type of destination from tropical island paradises to mountain wilderness by a crystal clear lake to Italian villas. You can choose from prints of landscapes, or prints of people visiting vacation destinations, or even contemporary symbols of a vacation, such as palm trees, umbrellas and pineapples as done by Linda Woods. Art prints represent a focal point of vacation conversation for your family and friends.

Vacation Art Posters

In addition to art prints that have vacations as their subjects, many gift ideas can be found in posters of particular destinations. Larry Marshall has created many posters depicting destinations across the United States and around the world. Marshall has posters of national parks, such as Glacier National Park as well as cityscapes such as Washington, D.C. Beautiful landscapes, seascapes and other vacation photos allow you to make a selection sure to please your vacationing family and friends and help them continue to make great memories.

Vacation Pillows and Other Gifts

If art prints and posters are not appealing to you, why not remind a loved one of a memorable trip by finding them a pillow that matches their decor and also reminds them of their experiences? Vacation throw pillows, either alone or with solid pillows, can be used in any room of the house to bring back great memories of vacations past. Vacation pillows incorporate everything from symbols of the seashore to pillows featuring specific destinations, such as Paris, France and Rome, Italy.

Many of the images and prints available on pillows are also available on phone cases as well. Cases depicting vacations are available for iPhones and Galaxy phones, which allow family members and friends to carry their vacations with them wherever they go. Phone cases show photography and art from many different artists using different mediums. Cases show simple scenes of islands, villas, and sunsets, as well as Nordic photographs and prints of people vacationing. Your family and friends will love this simple reminder of a great vacation.

While you may not always be able to vacation with your family and friends, you can give a thoughtful gift that will help them to remember all of the memories they made while vacationing to a new destination, or one they have been to many times. Vacation gifts are the perfect remedy for post-vacation blues for family members and close friends who may be a little depressed their vacation time is over.


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