Decorating Modern Children’s Rooms

by | May 20, 2018

Baby pink. Baby blue. Overdone…baby.  Decorating a new baby’s room can be difficult, and new parents find themselves thinking through all sorts of decorating scenarios when they try to figure out how to best outfit a baby’s room. Parents also struggle with changing up a baby’s room to fit the needs of a young child, who is no longer willing to have the same ‘babyish’ look to his or her room as they get older. Luckily, new ( and not so new) parents can enjoy a wide variety of current options with regard to room decor for both babies’ and children’s rooms.

Baby Colors

With regard to color scheme, parents can choose from a variety of colors, such as the 2018 color of the year, Ultra Violet, or other shades of purple. Neutral colors, such as gray, are also gaining in popularity, as they allow for a baby’s room to transition into a child’s room more easily than a pink or blue theme does. Neutral shades also work well in showcasing wall art, such as artwork featuring children’s stories and famous fairytales. Examples of children’s story art can be found here. Other colors for babies’ and children’s rooms that are on trend include teal, yellow and patterns of black and white.

Word Art

Word art has also gained popularity, not only in children’s rooms, but other rooms in the house as well. Paired with industrial exposed brick or neutral palettes, word art — either letters or numbers, or whole words and expressions– has been used increasingly to express personal sentiments in a child’s room. Word art can be found everywhere in children’s rooms, from metal wall art to pillows to canvas art prints. Artwork can be rearranged or changed as the child grows to reflect individual tastes and personal beliefs, which are important to children as a way to express themselves.

Minimal Decorations

Scandinavian design, with its emphasis on minimalism, has also become a popular trend in nursery decoration. This European design scheme has been popular with parents because it adapts itself to many different styles. Children’s rooms can be colorful prints as well as a completely neutral palette. The emphasis is on simplicity in design, and functionality of bedroom pieces, all scaled to suit the child. The art used in a Scandinavian-designed child’s room is modern and minimalistic as well, and can combine a variety of colors and patterns. Scandinavian-inspired children’s rooms have also used neutral white, ivory or beige tone-on-tone colors with multiple types of materials to create a beautiful space for a new baby or a young child. Scandinavian children’s rooms can be designed with whimsical artwork to convey a sense of childlike joy or wonder, such as the whimsical animal artwork done by Olga Shvartsur, whose colorful pieces of animals would be perfect in a child’s room.

Whatever design scheme parents use to decorate a child’s room, it is sure to be a welcoming place for either a new addition to the family or a growing child, who sees his or her room as a safe place for self-expression and growth.


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