The Force is With You: Science Fiction in Art

by | May 4, 2018

So, you’ve seen every Star Wars movie ever made. You have loved the movies since childhood, and you want to use some of your love for the science fiction genre in your home, but with a more adult vibe, so it doesn’t feel like Mom’s basement or your old tree house fort you built with your friends. Using science fiction elements within your living space is not difficult to do, and will help make your home a space you want to come home and relax in without feeling like you are still living in your college dorm.

Science Fiction Aesthetics

For home decor with an interstellar aesthetic, many people choose to use mid-century modern as a backdrop for designing a room, as many elements of the design period have a futuristic feel.  Some examples of mid-century modern style, such as bookcases with no backs, TV cabinets or dressers with many drawers and many different colors of wood. Bubble chairs, which can be made of plastic, wood, or other materials were also popular during the period. Couches are sparse, nearly futon-like, in their shape and fabric coverings.

Metal Industrial

Science fiction, like industrial design, also adds a touch of metal furnishings to give the room a futuristic feel. Metal drafting tables used as side tables or kitchen tables, such as a futuristic spaceships galley, give the overall space a look appearing to be years into the future. In addition, pieces of space junk or meteorites that have fallen from space can be used as design elements in a room to add interest.

Movie Art

If you have specific posters from some of your favorite films that you would like to hang up, that’s great, but if you don’t, there are thousands of art prints to either highlight your existing art, or give you new art prints for your space. Art prints within this scientific genre can be anything from aliens coming to earth, to prints about astronauts and spaceships, or fantasy conceptions of other planets and their citizens. You are sure to find something you like  here.

“The Hatchery” by Jennifer Rondinelli Reilly

Many artists, such as Jennifer Rondinelli Reilly, find their passion in making artworks that demonstrate either the beginning of space, or the end of it. In “The Hatchery”, Jennifer has captured the nebula where all new stars are moved. This accent piece would make an excellent addition to any science fiction inspired room. Reilly has several prints in her gallery that would add color to any metal and dark color schemes within a room, or give a kid who is a science fiction nut a room full of planets to dream by.

In addition to actually using elements of the planets for a science fiction, many people choose to use astronauts or spaceships in their themes. Scott Listfield’s art places astronauts in different situations to provide thought-provoking and whimsical images, which provides elements of science fiction and fantasy into your home decor. In addition, Listfield has many realistic representations of astronauts represented in his works, if your taste runs more to the sparse and architectural.

Building elements of science fiction into your home decor can be a challenge, but well worth it if you walk into your home space and it feels like outer space. Live long and prosper.


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