5 Steps to Make Traditional Art Feel Fresh

by | Oct 29, 2017

We love traditional art, hence the name Fine Art America. But how do you make traditional artwork not feel stuck in a time warp. The key is to keep your artwork feel fresh in your home. Change it up regularly and not feel stagnant. Here are simple steps to make your art feel fresh again:

  1. Frame your art with a colored frame or a metallic frame! Trust us, your classic masterpiece will pop once you wrap it with a chic gold or colored frame. Think outside the black framed print.
  2. Create a gallery wall with modern and traditional art. This will make your room feel more eclectic and different. Switch the wall of art around once a month so it feels fresh and fun.
  3. Get inspired by your art and splash the color/colors around your room. This way your space feels complete and the art is not out of place.
  4. Create a story. Find other traditional pieces that match your artwork and tells a story. When guests come over it’s a great way to start a conversation about the art or artist. (http://fineartamerica.com/featured/rosa-sulfurea-pierre-redoute.html)
  5. Dust your artwork! This is the simplest trick, but many people forget that their art might need a little love once in awhile. This will make your art feel brand new!


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